Oreimo S2 episode 6: ughhhh, the incest -_-‘

oreimo incest


This episode we meet Mikagami, a designer who also happens to be an otaku. Because of this and because Kyousuke is always flirting with Kuroneko, the siblings get into a fight because they are both jealous but don’t want to admit it to the other party. In the end, Kirino brings Mikagami home, where Kyousuke and Kirino finally get their feelings out and say what they think.oreimo kirino cute

The episode ends with Kuroneko inviting Kyousuke somewhere where she finally asks him to go out with her.


This episode was so good. But… I hate incest. I really do.

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Anyways, I’m always impressed by how well-developed all of Oreimo’s characters are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tsundere best represented before, since usually shows with tsunderes focus on boobs and slapstick more than anything else. In Oreimo, we’ve seen Kirino act way beyond just slapping Kyousuke in the face in her tsundere acts. Honestly, this episode’s troubles were all caused because both couldn’t be honest with their feelings; and the scenes were laid out magnificently.

dat cake throw.

dat cake throw.

The first half of the episode was mostly full of undertones, which were actual “under”tones and not “really really obvious undertones”. I particularly enjoyed seeing the quiet fight between Kirino and Kyousuke on that “Comiket after party”, where no one said anything that bothered them but at the same time everything was said. The whole argument was just a whole bunch of reading in between the lines; at some point even I got lost in the undertones.

oreimo kirino cuteWhen the truth finally came out from Kyousuke’s mouth to his sister, I was pretty happy to finally see the whole truth come out. Emotions were thrown (with cakes), the buildup came out and all of a sudden there was a lot less tension in the whole house. It’s a rare thing to see Kirino say what’s on her mind, and it was absolutely adorable to see her do so in such circumstances. I hate incest, but… Honestly, she’s just too cute.

Talking about incest… Is this show only trying to get a humongous database of doujins or is it actually going to turn to incest in the end? I honestly haven’t figured that out yet.

oreimo kirino disgusted

 I mean, every time something like this episode’s fight happens, it seems like there is much more than just a brother/sister complex, but in the end Kyousuke always ends with some kind of statement that sounds like “because I’m your brother I care about you” kind of thing. It’s obvious that his brother complex is huge, but is it more than that? Fans will tell you yes, I would have a tendency to think so as well, but I wonder if the show will actually turn to that or not… This week’s scene with the father who was as pissed as Kyousuke leads me to believe they might just leave it open-ended and leave it to the fans to make an actual ending.

oreimo kuroneko cuteNow, if that happens, I wouldn’t be happier. Why? Because Kuroneko deserves to be with Kyousuke. That girl deserves to be loved so much more than Kirino and I would definitely go lesbian for her. Despite all the brother-sister drama going on, I could only see Kuroneko’s facial expressions and fangirl completely over how adorable she was. The only thing that bothered me was when she said, once more, “I love you just as much as your sister does,” because not only would it piss me off if she was right, but it also makes Kyousuke totally misunderstand that she doesn’t like him as much as she actually does. I was also pissed when Kirino showed up to interrupt their lovely time together, but… I mean… It works with the rest of the episode.

Next, we just need Kuroneko to ask Kyousuke out – Oh wait, she does! We will only get Kyousuke’s answer next episode, but the last 3 minutes of the episode made me go fangirl all over the place. I hope their relationship will last long enough to satisfy my needs of non-incest romance, if they do go out (if they don’t I’ll be mad).

This will happen. It has to.

This will happen. It has to.

P.S.: Mikagami has to be gay. He’s nice, rich, good-looking, social, and way too perfect to be straight. You know the saying, someone that awesome can’t be straight and single. It’s impossible. Also, he looks girly as fuck and I mistook him for Kyousuke’s mom. He can’t be straight.oreimo mikagami

P.P.S: I apologize for the rant

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5 Responses to Oreimo S2 episode 6: ughhhh, the incest -_-‘

  1. latinalover says:

    well i will just say next week will make you happy and mad in the same time.

    • Myst says:

      Hahaha, I knew it was going to make me happy at least 🙂 But I’m aware that they’ll probably turn the show towards Kirino one time or another

      • latinalover says:

        We r going into volume 8 this Saturday. Volume 8 and 9 is all about kyousuke and kirino character development

        • Myst says:

          Hm, that should prove interesting! I can kind of see it starting though, the last few episodes were all about Kirino and Kyousuke’s relationship, even if it was just undertoned sometimes. It’s only normal that they’d eventually have a big blowout sometime soon, and not just what we got this episode.

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