Oreimo S2 episode 7: I thought about you more

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Following Kuroneko’s confession, Kyousuke tells her that he’ll think about it and takes a whole day to ponder it with care. In the end, after (poor) advice from Manami and Kirino, he accepts her confession happily the next day and happiness ensues. Kyousuke goes into pervert mode for a while then, and the next time he sees her he accidentally slips out that he wanted to touch her boobs. In the end, they talk about it and Kuroneko accepts his perverted mind as is, showing him her “Destiny Record” where all her plans are written down, plans which Kyousuke intends to follow.

I apologize, I'm not sure where this reference comes from. I feel lie I should...

I apologize, I’m not sure where this reference comes from. I feel like I should…


Oh man, can I fangirl forever now? Kuroneko stands in my Top 3 of the cutest girls I’ve seen in anime now.

Her confession was awesome. To be honest, I never thought she would end up casting aside her shyness in the end to be able to say things like she did with such confidence. Although she started talking as her normal, tsundere self at first, I could see her slowly get less shy as time went on, and the end part literally made my heart melt. Whatever barrier Kyousuke put up in his head for him to tell her «let me think about it», it must’ve been rock solid because I think any sane guy would not have been able to refuse her at that point.

oreimo manamiAs Kyousuke was thinking, I couldn’t help but realize how useless everyone’s advice was. Just saying «please think about it really hard» when he was already doing that in the first place was really pointless… I mean, they didn’t know what was happening but still. I was also a bit happy seeing Manami a bit again, considering that she hasn’t had some good air time in a while. My guess is that once the Kuroneko arc is over she’ll be more important, but right now she really is just a side character.

When it came to Kyousuke’s reply, I somehow actually got scared that he might refuse because he just told Kirino’s boyfriend to fuck off as quick as he showed up; it’s kid of hypocritical of him to accept this confession, after all. It would have been totally logical and totally his kind of thing to do; except that I think his second brain is what drove him to say yes in the end. Nothing in the first brain can overcome the second brain.

oreimo hentai

This leads us to the «let me touch your boobs» part, which honestly made me wonder «what boobs?», but then I remembered this is Japan and that’s pretty much average over there. It was absolutely hilarious to see Kyousuke blurt it out like that, and I’m actually surprised that Kuroneko took it so well; but we wouldn’t want another Kirino, so that was nice. That scene was probably the most hilarious I’d seen in a while, and it reminded me a lot of the first season of Oreimo; what I loved about this show in the first place was the comedy, after all.

Honestly, I don't see anything there. Air does not count.

Honestly, I don’t see anything there. Air does not count.

That’ll be enough about Kuroneko; now we can move on to Kirino, whom was still quite important in the story despite what happened. It’s pretty important to realize that she doesn’t know Kyousuke and Kuroneko are going out right now; after all, Mikigami just came along and got told off, but Kyousuke then turns around and gets a girlfriend? I have a feeling Kirino might just do the same thing he did then on her side. Obviously I’m just pulling out random theories, but I doubt Kuroneko will be going out with Kyousuke for much longer; Kirino’s going to explode at some point.

oreimo fightIt also seems like Kyousuke has brushed aside his feelings for Kirino as a «brother complex» and nothing more. The more this episode went on, the more I doubted that they were actually just brotherly feelings, but for now we’ll leave them at that an pretend like they don’t exist anymore than that *whistles*. I’m actually looking forward to the drama that will come from having Kyousuke go out with Kuroneko; honestly, this show has much more than what it’s really popular for (cute girls and hilarious otaku jokes). The storyline is quite impressive, and I’m really starting to like this second season for its storyline (and for Kuroneko :D).

Next episode is the date~ I’ll be looking forward to it with much haste 🙂

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5 Responses to Oreimo S2 episode 7: I thought about you more

  1. latinalover says:

    The famous kyousukeXkirino moment which I waited for coming next week.

  2. SonodaYuki says:

    I’m kinda disappointed that Saori didn’t rage like in the LN

    “Haha, don’t worry about it, I don’t mind it at all…”
    “— is that what you thought I’d say!?”

    effing hilarious XD

    • Myst says:

      Yeah, well it seems like this season Saori has been much more of a peaceful type of character; one that just sits there and accepts everything as is. Considering that Kuroneko and Kirino are completely bursting with emotions all the time, I really find it’s not such a bad thing 😛

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