Oreimo S2 Episode 8: Fluff n’ Stuff

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Kyousuke and Kuroneko spend much of their time together as a couple during summer vacation. After many happy dates still following the Destiny Record of Kuroneko, their last stop is at the Summer Festival, where Kuroneko decides to break up with Kyousuke suddenly.


…No way. NO. FRIGGIN’. WAY.

I never thought Kuroneko would turn out to be this freaking badass. Whether she’s doing it for Kirino’s and Kyousuke’s sake, or whether she just gave up on actually winning against Kirino, Kuroneko just went from a cute little girl to a cute and FREAKING BADASS little girl. When I first saw the picture of Kirino and Kyousuke, the thought did spring up in my mind that she would try and get them together, but seeing the way she acted I thought it to be more plausible that she just wanted to have as much room as Kirino in Kyousuke’s heart. I never thought it would actually be the first reason… That was SO AWESOME!!! I honestly can’t wait for the next episode to see how this will be played out.oreimo picture

oreimo yami no nekoI did find that, during the dates, they were seen as pretty plain compared to what we’ve seen of Kuroneko the last few episodes. I mean, when dates happen in a romance show the producers usually make a huge deal about it, but this time they were actually pretty normal and to someone who isn’t in the relationship it wasn’t such fangirl material as usual… Still really fluffy and cute, though, and I was actually going to put more emphasis on that but then BAM! Kuroneko pulled out her break-up stunt and I was absolutely amazed by it.

Another thing which I found interesting this episode was how manly Kyousuke was all of a sudden. Gee, after all those years of slavery, seems like he has decided to make a man out of himself and become an awesome, confident boyfriend who does everything without a mistake.

oreimo kuroneko and kyousuke

I’m proud of you son!

Their relationship really seemed fun, and scenes like the first time Kyousuke goes to his house was quite hilarious; whatever Kuroneko was planning with that, didn’t happen at all in the end. I guess a kiss scene could have easily led to other things in that situation… At least, if Kuroneko didn’t think that way then I feel bad for Kyousuke.

Random note: they use recent technology like laptops and portable game consoles, yet why do their TVs look like they come straight from the VHS period?

Random note: they use recent technology like laptops and portable game consoles, yet why do their TVs look like they come straight from the VHS period?

In the end, it definitely shows that Kirino was bothered by Kuroneko and Kyousuke going out; we couldn’t get much information on that, however, since we could only see Kyousuke’s point of view for now. I am expecting, however, to get some serious answers on that matter next episode; I hate incest, but this love drama is just too awesome for me to miss out on *romance radar blaring*.

oreimo kuroneko yukataWell, in the end, this episode turned out to be a lot more different than I thought. Instead of fangirling about the cute date, I ended up fangirling about an awesome break-up scene (if it happens, which it should). I am looking forward to all of what’s going to happen next episode, and unfortunately I guess my post will be cut short a bit this week; the core of the plot will be happening next episode, after all. Althought I loved seeing Kyousuke and Kuroneko dating, that’s pretty much all I have to say about it; pretty sure I’ll be missing seeing those two together soon though. 🙁

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  1. latinalover says:

    kuroneko have 3 reasons on why she broke up with kyousuke.

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