Oreimo S2 episode 9: end of the line

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Following Kuroneko’s break-up, Kyousuke becomes really depressed. He then learns that Kuroneko has transferred schools, and in the end he goes to Kirino for advice; his sister proceeds to cheer him up slowly, and tries her best to meet with Kuroneko in order to resolve things and get them back together. Once she sees her, however, Kirino ends up gushing out her feelings towards his brother’s relationship, and in the end Kuroneko and Kyousuke break up for good, however stay friends and the trio becomes a trio once more.


Oh gee, oh gee, another bitter-sweet episode. I hate this; but I love this.

I felt really bad for Kyousuke early on in the episode. Honestly, he looked so sad that Kuroneko would leave all of a sudden like that; it seems like he really did love her a lot and he wasn’t just going out with her because she seemed interested. His faithfulness to Kuroneko was absolutely adorable, and for him to cry and feel so bad that he’d ask Kirino for help was really cool.

oreimo hatredAnother thing which was cool was Kirino’s lashing out and her way to handle things. For once, we actually saw her full emotions and everything which she thought; overall, her feelings were completely human, yet completely realistic and I totally understand why she’d want Kyousuke to go back with Kuroneko in order not to see him cry; if he loves her, after all, then he might as well go with her for his own sake (you can’t control someone’s life, after all).

As for Kuroneko, I’ll admit that what she did was kind of admirable, but at the same time she really did it in a really harsh way. For her to go so far as to really hurt Kyousuke in order for both her friends to try and achieve happiness rather than to be selfish is worthy of a fairy tale hero. What’s wrong with that ideal is that she didn’t consult anyone about this, and she hurt Kyousuke a lot in the process.

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I wanted to cry too 🙁 Poor him

Which brings me to the reason of my frustration; the conclusion of the story. In the end, Kyousuke decides that he will not go out with Kuroneko for Kirino’s sake; using the pretext that he can’t go against her sister’s wishes. In a way, it’s kinda hypocritical of him to go out with her after all, so might as well remain frustrated and sad-faced because he can’t go out with the girl he likes. As for Kirino, she’s ready to do anything so that Kyousuke won’t go sad face; but who cares about her strength anyways. Kuroneko manages to get what she wants… Except what she really wants, which is to be loved by Kyousuke.

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So who benefits from this in the end?! Honestly, for everything to turn out in order for Kirino not to be hurt is a little dumb, if you ask me. Not like she was a part of their relationship in the first place… I would’ve thought otherwise if Kyousuke hadn’t liked Kuroneko from the bottom of his heart, but he really did. Lastly, I thought I’d flip a few tables when he thanked Kirino for what she did; I’m not quite sure why he would, when she’s the one who was the cause behind the destruction of his relationship with his girlfriend.

But enough ranting. I hated the conclusion of the story, but of course we all love overdramatic things, and I’m not an exception. Therefore, despite all my anger, I must say I thought this episode was still pretty cool; a lot of stuff happened, a lot of stuff was resolved, and our little tsundere sister spoke her mind once again. When she truly says what she thinks, her personality really is awesome; the problem is when she doesn’t speak her mind, which is about nine times out of ten… I still prefer Kuroneko over her, but her time is pretty much over now…

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Forever a Kuroneko fan *sobsob*

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5 Responses to Oreimo S2 episode 9: end of the line

  1. latinalover says:

    the concolusion of the story? you know there is a next week episode right?

    • Myst says:

      by .conclusion. I meant the end of the Kuroneko arc, and how the break up was resolved. I didn’t mean the actual end of the story 😛

      • latinalover says:

        what do you think about the next week title “my little sister can’t be in a wedding dress”

        • Myst says:

          To be honest, if it really means they are getting married I’ll be even more pissed than with last season’s cheesy ending, and I really doubt it’ll happen. Other than that, I’d say I’m not too sure why she’d try on a wedding dress… Unless we’re a few years in the future or something.

          • latinalover says:

            the volume 9 cover show kirino in a wedding dress and kyousuke in a tux

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