Otakuthon 2014: Cosplays and Masquerade



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Also, sorry for some blurry/bad perspective pics! My camera is pretty crappy and I was sometimes crammed into a bunch of people trying to take pictures.

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Impressive, impressive! We can always find some cool cosplays at Otakuthon, but somehow this year there seemed to be quite a few number of cosplayers (probably due to the huge increase in people this year)… And, by that, I mean a lot of them. I have 60 pictures up in this gallery and it doesn’t even come close to the amount of cosplays that were worth taking pictures of (and I’m usually somewhat picky about those). Most of all, I think I was impressed with the amount of mascots and big, impressive cosplays that were around. I usually find a few that are absolutely stunning, but this year seemed to be overflowing with big things: big robots, big fluffy things, big LoL cosplays…

Huge props to this guy's Pulsefire Ezreal, which was absolutely stunning!

Huge props to this guy’s Pulsefire Ezreal, which was absolutely stunning!

Oh. Right. The LoL cosplays. Um… Yeah… It’s cool and all to cosplay a game you love, and I loved every single one of your cosplays, but this year gave me an overload of League of Legends cosplays… There were more than I could possibly ever see in one day. Luckily, most of them were really awesome, but seriously guys, try to find another source of inspiration… This is getting ridiculous.


It has been 2-3 years in a row that I go to the masquerade… And I still love it. As the main event of the convention, it always pleases me to see the huge amount of effort put into preparation of the event as well as the different ways they find to entertain the audience.

P1030417Professionalism, however, wasn’t always there… I thought the pre-show lacked a bit. Compared to last year’s Moonstream which had caused a huge impact, this year’s guest, Raj Ramayya, was only okay, and said stupidly generic things about Montreal showing that he probably didn’t give two shits about us.

The trivia board was filled with mistakes all over the place, both in French and English (heck, I wish I could have written it), and included more sports shows than I’ll probably ever watch in my entire life. The Pokemon sing-a-long and Caramell Dansen however were great as usual, despite a little unoriginal, but who cares, they both work and they’re fun. The only thing that I wish they could change for next year’s pre-show is… change. I actually hope that they try to make things a little bit different for next year’s pre-show, considering that they’ve been doing the same thing for quite a while now. It was still fun, but a bit redundant for me as I’d already seen it twice already.

The Masquerade itself was hugely fun, full of awesome cosplays, and thoroughly entertaining. If I had to say anything bad, I’d say that the ninja act at the end was extremely childish and bored me quickly, but everything else was so good at entertaining me for 3 hours that it didn’t really matter at this point. The host was awesome, much better than last year’s hosts which were incredibly un-professional, the cosplays were fun, the jokes were good, heck, everything was fun.

And that is all for this year’s cosplays and Masquerade impression! I was only able to show up to the convention on Saturday and therefore missed a lot of events and cool costumes, but I still hope that you find this gallery enjoyable to look at. Remember to please link back to this website if you share this picture! (Sharing is caring, but stealing is not! *sad face*).

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