Outbreak Company episode 1 [First Impression]: Yes, Master


Well, this will clearly be a popular show this season. Outbreak Company is a show akin to Sword Art Online in setting. Someone is sent into another dimension and he excels at it and he lives is life in this alternate reality. Although in the case of Outbreak Company the show isn’t as serious and will most likely be more of an Otaku Culture and Comedy kind of show. I think this will regenerate a lot of interest and I am one of the people interested with it.

Outbreak Company gardener

At first I was kind of scared that the show would be just another boring replica of a show or something, but it turns out that it actually does a really good job at being entertaining. The Otaku Culture will be a major part of the show and it had been a while since I personally saw a good Otaku culture show. This one will be filled with fan service but the very nature of the show makes it completely expected and normal. I mean it is pretty standard of Otaku culture show to be all about fan service and reference anyway. Already this episode we got reference to so many different kind of work of fiction and we can definitively expect a lot more in future episodes.


We already have a cute timid maid, a F-cup military advisory and a vicious queen who acts violently when she is told she is young. I think we are up to a good start for a very standard yet amusing show that will prove really popular with the populace. I will definitively watch this and blog it too. This review will be shorter than the future one simply because of the amount of show coming out at once, but starting next week I will give more interesting and deeper review of the show. Stay tuned.

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