Outbreak Company episode 10: Movie Magic

Outbreak Company magical girl princess

Here is what most likely didn’t happen in the show, but totally did in my head. The Japanese formation opened fire on the dragon, displaying massive strength in front of the soldier of this fantastic world. Suddenly they realize the power that the people they are bargaining with have. It is one thing to import culture from another world and give them some privilege, it must be something else to realize that those people are able to blow up your whole country with little effort if they want it. I understand that they are used to magic and everything, but for now the most powerful weapon we saw had the power of regular explosive here. A ballistic attack on their country and I doubt magic could do a whole lot to protect them. What’s more, if they decide to invade earth they will have no access to their magic and will therefore be completely powerless. It seems that the people of that dimension have just no chance what so ever to struggle against any decision the people of japan might have.

Outbreak Company blowing up dragon

It has been known already that most of the human have very weak magic compared to the elves, it seems that every single guard in the castle are simple human spearman and they were going to fight against a dragon. I don’t want to question the decision of the royal guard of the kingdom, but I feel like a spear might not be an optimal weapon to fight heavily armored flying targets. That dragon survived taking many blows from RPG and artillery fire, so surely a spear wouldn’t pierce its scales. I am rather curious and what the plan of attack would have been if they didn’t received any help. I think the princess might have watched the final version of the movie in a Jar filled with her ashes if the army didn’t intervene.

Outbreak Company spearman soldier

Now, back to what the show was supposed to be about. In term of manga and anime reference and jokes, this episode was good, but rather light. Considering how deep they were in the production of a live action movie based on anime I was expecting for more reference and satire of the industry than what we witnessed this episode. I mean they had so many opportunities to poke fun at stuff and yet we barely had anything but some quick laugh at the internet and how consumer react to certain product. Even there it felt a bit like a moot point to me because let’s be honest here. Even if you use real magic to make the most visually appealing movie ever, I still won’t give a fuck if the story is boring or something I have seen before. I’m not watching movies (or anime for that matter) to see pretty colours in front of my eyes, if I were I’d be watching Micheal Bay’s movies right now, not Outbreak Company.

Overall an entertaining episode, but I was expecting more out of it, I am slightly disappointed.

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