Outbreak Company episode 11 – 12 [Final]: Invader

Outbreak Company not pleased

I think Shinichi must have been the biggest idiot in the world that he had not yet realized he was a tool of the japanese government to take cultural dominance over a foreign nation. At what point in his work did he not figure out already that he was making another country depend on japan and be indebted to them? Now, Shinichi is one thing, but the Japanese government isn’t any brighter, it was pretty obvious that the country was going to produce their own material eventually, but that doesn’t mean that they lose their grasp on that country one bit. Cultural influence is not something that you measure in money or land, it is something that will work in your favor no matter how you look at it. Now that japan had its first major cultural influence into their world and that they have a monopoly both in language and cultural influence it is possible for them to reveal the existence of Elbian to the whole world and use the new connection as a major economical trade hub. Because they had the first foothold they will easily manage to keep their influence over them even if new culture is imported and they will therefore have a significant military, political and economical partner which is situated at really short travel distance from japan. The economical advantage alone of this new way of doing things will bring about much more power to the Japanese government than starving the people of culture would ever have. For a show that is all about invading another country, they really choose poor ways of doing so.

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I understand here that once again all the blame always just rises up as always and the politician are seen as the evil bad guys doing pure evil for the sake of evil, but in truth I feel like Shinichi is just as much a threat to his own country as the politician himself. After all there is a halfway point that could have been better achieved than the situation they are in now. Right now they are importing things to Elbian with no other benefit than the proliferation of Japanese culture, but it would seem rather easy of them to ask for compensation for the import of such culture. They said that the land of Elbian was filled with unused rare metal and material, it seems rather easy to trade in manga for gold and suddenly you have a much more profitable venture. We did it with indigenous people before, we could easily repeat it, even bonus that history proved that it is a good way to take control of land.

Outbreak Company zombie translator

This was the conclusion of Outbreak Company and while the show was good, I don’t think it made any wave. To me the show sounds like a really traditional anime that wasn’t either bad or good and really just kind of out there. I wish I had some praise to give for the show, but even in term of Otaku reference it was rather moot. It is definitively not a bad experience, but I won’t bother making a final review for it and I’ll just say that I think it is a 7 out of 10. A good show, but not one worth recommending to others.

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