Outbreak Company episode 2: Leaning Japanese in 3 easy step

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Here we go with the second episode of Outbreak company. The show goes pretty much in the direction I had hoped it would go. The show initial immersion felt a bit like Ixion Saga DT, but once everything started I had this general good vibe of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. For some reason what I am most interested with this show is the way that the guy will manage to have both culture meet one another. I have a feeling that it involves changing some of the structure of their society while also implementing school and the like. This is the part I am actually most excited about and not anything else in particular.

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The show is really about the Otaku Culture and everything it is and how it spreads, but somehow the fact that it is Otaku culture or just american cinema doesn’t matter as much for me as the actual implication of forming new ties with a completely new and different civilization that lives in a completely different setting and rules. I mean I’m pretty sure our order would be different if we had dragons running around and mage killing people with offensive spells.

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Now I want to see the guy build a school to teach them Japanese, then import manga and see all those soldiers turn into super slobs who eat cheetos and watch anime all day long, the real life every man should have. I think it is rather hilarious that a society who seems to work just fine and who is in great order tries to introduce a new culture into their society so they are not as bored…and yet they have little to no supervision of what is going on and instead the Queen decides to visit and see what it is all about herself. I mean inspectors or quality insurance personnel seems to be so beyond their concept of how the world should work after all.

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In other news, it seems that there is a grave danger approaching, what it is I have no idea, but the main character pissed off enough people already that I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he had a few enemies already. I mean usually just the fact that you are a stranger diplomat in a rather aggressive country should bring some trouble, so since he is a rather rude diplomat at that, who tries to pressure others to follow his way of life too!, it could be well understood why there are spy in his house and how some people would want him dead. It happens in every country, if someone from a different culture comes over and start being rude to you, you will want them out of your country ASAP (most of the time they don’t even have to be rude either in some countries). It is also rather hilarious that a Japanese shows tries to praise equality and the importance of other culture when we all know that Japan is an extremely Xenophobic country after all, but I guess we can talk about that a bit more later instead.

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