Outbreak Company episode 3: School Shootout

Outbreak Company hostage

I didn’t realized yesterday that the show was already out, so I apologize for it being a day later than it should be. Now enough with the apologize and into the actual review of the episode. The school barely opened and there is already maniacs with gun inside of it, what a great media display of the way things are nowadays. Not a single day can pass before there is a shootout or terrorist attacking a learning environment for children, great.

Outbreak Company butchered

I must admit that I was quite surprised that the creation of a school happened so quickly in the show. There were a lot of hints to it last episode, but I was expecting it to be a longer process. The very same goes with the Patriotic group that assaulted her majesty, the show really don’t mess around and move forward really fast compared to what I expected. I’ve been so used lately of drawn out story that never ends and filled with fillers then when I finally get a show like Outbreak Company that doesn’t mess around I’m surprised and suddenly the show looks so much intense than it should be. Anime over time has really reduced my expectations in quality…oh well.

Outbreak Company reading manga

Into the episode itself, it was a really good episode as we finally got some more action and opposition in the whole story. It is always more fun when there are troubles around and when people are fighting than when everything is at peace. The opposition group seemed really weak and I somehow doubt that they will reciprocate again in the future, but they were probably simply the first of many who will reject the presence of Japanese culture in their world. I really can’t blame them either, there are those new people trying to completely change the way their world works and its politic and hierarchy. Of course it already seems evident that this change in morals and ethic in their world is the final objective for a complete conversion, but on a moral and historical basis, the objective of the anime is the same as a cultural genocide.

Outbreak Company evil queen

They want to “get japanese Otaku culture into their country” but doing so will completely reshape the country itself and most of its heritage will probably be gone. You can already expect that everyone in the show will be happy and smiling and that their world will seem to be a better place, but you have to remember that the only reason you will see that is because we are surrounded by Japanese people and slave, not the Noble who are negatively influenced by the changes. If you were in a noble family, had a ton of slaves and were prestigious influence in the world, it would rather suck to lose all of it because of a new cultural trend. Therefore I expect many to be coming at their throat and I really can’t blame them.

Outbreak Company plan foiled again

On a less sinister and less serious note, I believe this show is absolutely hilarious and fun to watch. I seriously enjoy it as it makes me laugh, think and explore a universe filled with political and cultural challenges. I always like to observe our culture and society through a different perspective and Outbreak Company is bringing one such new perspective to our view of ourselves. Also important to note, Fire Extinguisher works even with magical fire.

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