Outbreak Company episode 4: Building up the Harem

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This episode of Outbreak Company was really something straight out of a standard harem show, but seeing as I usually like those, I appreciated this episode. For all intend and purpose this episode was only about introducing a new character to the harem more than anything else. I’m not against the harem scenario for the show, although it could quickly degenerate if way too many girls enters the circle. I feel like the show shouldn’t add more than 1 or 2 more girl to the harem or every other character will start to feel diluted, there is a very thin balance to respect after all.

Outbreak Company classroon

Obviously I believe that the show will stay rather romance-y and aimed mostly on the maid and the princess more than any of the other girls that could be introduced, but having more female character around the main protagonist will definitively help things in the ecchi department. It will give rise to a wider array of fetish to be exploited for the super Otaku main character. I mean in the end the very focus of the show is to be about Otaku Culture , so the more genre they blend in together and the more generic element they are able to integrate (hopefully in new and interesting way) the more power it will give to the show and how fun it is. So I feel like having some more characters won’t have such a negative effect on the overall quality of the show.

Outbreak Company classroon

Now, unto the episode itself, I think that this episode was fun…but still rather empty. The episode had its time, it had its jokes, but overall I feel like maybe not enough happened this episode. We got to finally see the class start, it was a great ending to the eventful creation of the educational facility, it was also quite hilarious to see both the teacher teach about ecchi and yaoi to 10 years old. I must admit though that I am rather confused as to why no real teacher made their way to their world to teach actual Japanese and culture to those kids. I mean Shinichi is supposed to integrate the whole Otaku Culture into that country, he should probably do stuff way more productive than teaching kids there. You can’t do everything by yourself, if Japan is really into forming ties with that nation and this other world surely they can afford enough resources to have a handful of teacher teach the kids there. Obviously the show isn’t supposed to be that serious, but it still really bothers me that the whole school (which is supposed to have many classroom, lockers and students) is run by 2 individuals. I mean, how does that even work? why do you need more than 1 classroom if there are only 2 teachers? It is possible that other people teaches there and it was simply never show, but I still think that the presentation of the school was rather odd and that a better job could have been done in term of realism. Hopefully next episode more interesting and meaningful stuff will happen.

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