Outbreak Company episode 5: Beware, the Werewolf Hungers

Outbreak Company she wants the D

The flag for harem has been raised indeed. The more this story progress the more the show turns into a harem more than anything else. After all this episode was a lot about character, ecchi and comedy and not much about anything else. I don’t mind a grain of harem on my anime, but a pure harem is kind of boring, especially when the show looked promising in the first place.

Outbreak Company harem center

I really want Outbreak Company to take a step towards a more fantasy story, I feel like they are strongly neglecting that genre right now. The comedy and ecchi makes the show lighter and more enjoyable to watch, but without a guiding line for the story and for progression it is really difficult to make something good out of a show like this. The show had some great 3 first episode so I would expect that those last two episode are just a small lull in the awesomeness than it is more than anything else.

Knowing that we now had a werewolf on our hand I was expecting for the full moon to come up and some beast to wander the manor. I believe that the whole temptation aspect of her race was about that. It is pretty much what they wanted us to believe too. Turns out that instead she was just in heat and she is easy to fall for Shinichi. I mean I don’t see this as being a particularly bad situation for him, he got a animal-girl who gets the hot for him and can’t control herself, a maid who loves him and a big breasted action girl. If only he wasn’t so innocent good things could have happened already.

Outbreak Company taking this seriously

 For example, in the episode we got yet another glimpse of the kind of education that the kids of the region receives and it is rather disgusting what kind of class they must go through. I cannot take the class seriously one bit, I’ve had English class before where a teacher is passionate about some books, but if the book is as stupid and void of content and explained in such stupid way as is shown in the anime, it makes no sense that someone , especially people coming from noble family, would even consider the teachings to be worth anything. If they were actually analyzing the content of the game and interpreting their meaning and implication I could understand. After all, all medium are a form of culture that can be analysed and explored, but it remains that the teaching must be more than just showing stuff to their face that way.  Overall it just seems like the more I’m watching this show the more trouble I have at taking it seriously. It would really be a shame if Outbreak Company became something so much worse than what it started as. I expect a lot better in the next episode or my hope and positivism towards this show will start to drop rapidly.

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