Outbreak Company episode 6: Soccer War

Outbreak Company flames

I must admit that until the halfway point, I was rather annoyed at this episode for serving us something akin to a filler when most of the show was already quite empty as it was. It turns out that things did progress this episode and much more than I actually anticipated.

The class division between each group become a more important theme as things goes on and it is getting quite obvious that Shinichi dream of equality for all is not something that can happen in the near future. The elf and the dwarfs are already at each others throat and they are merely at the start of their first year. If, as was said this episode, 500 students are to join the school soon there will certainly be war between every race. The soccer game experiment was enough to see that instability inside a school could result in much more trouble than what you see in our world. A small quarrel could potential see the school burn down because of the combined magical power of the elves or the explosive strength of the dwarves.

Outbreak Company Soccer match

If things keeps up I really hope that the show will follow the path of realism and bring this world to a state of major revolution and civil war. Petrarca isn’t powerful enough to keep her realm together into one if things start to heat up a bit. If the royalty fall victim to a new culture and way of life than the people, the social system of their kingdom is sure to crumble. Shinichi wants to create a society were everyone is equal, but that very system would destroy Petrarca, the most powerful person supporting him at the moment. Everyone probably know enough history to understand what happen to the member of royal family when Monarchy are abolished, usually heads are rolling. By seeing Petrarca and a half-elf together in public the populace could easily start to distrust the judgement of the royal family more and more and there is not a lot of option left when distrust reigns in a monarchic state. In the end it seems that the show is heading a path where either the monarchy crumbles in a bloody civil war or discrimination against the discriminated intensifies with the creation of concentration camp for the revolutionary subspecies.

Outbreak Company battlefield

I feel like I this point the show could easily turn into some really solid confrontation and terrible culture clash, but with the track record we had until now, it seems that most of those predictions of mine are fantasies more than anything else. I will be severely pissed if somehow things go by smoothly and Shinichi manages to change a whole culture and political system on his own without causing any uprising in the nation. It would simply be too unbelievably stupid for me to care about the show afterward. What do you want me to say, I’m french, I like my revolutions extra bloody.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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