Outbreak Company episode 7: Cute Date

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Yes, finally a new and refreshing episode of Outbreak Company. I was waiting for a long while for this to happen. The show had been going in circle a whole lot with barely anything ever happening,this might not be the kind of turn I was hoping for but the episode was still definitively entertaining and a good progression in the development of the show and the universe.

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This episode had moe elements to the maximum, Miusel first time in Japan was definitively super cute and fun to watch. It seems to never get boring seeing culture clash and the reaction to the characters to the marvel of our own world. We are born in a world filled with miracles of science everywhere and we learn to take it for granted, sometimes we forget the very complexity of everything surrounding us. As Arthur C. Clark once said, “Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Science has already surpassed the level of knowledge of any given individual, it is rather doubtful that a single human would be able to rebuild a television. A lot of people probably know how to build a television given the parts, fewer would also know how to make those part, even fewer how to get the tools for those parts and then would there be anyone left knowing how to actually mine the minerals to make the tools that helps find the material to create the tool to make the pieces to melt the tool to craft the pieces to make a television? I guess this tangent as gone a bit too far, but I always find it interesting to know that if a mass human extinction occurred a lot of knowledge would be lost despite how educated everyone is.

Outbreak Company no rappy

Back to the show, I was a bit annoyed this episode to see that Shinichi didn’t even bother getting what he needed after getting all the way back to Japan and all the trouble it caused. I understand that having a date with a real life girl (well, half-elf, but in its case I’ll call that close enough) is something of a major event that could easily distract someone from their task, but the guy did have everyone make considerable effort for this to happen and he is fucks it up. I guess it is something that is to be expected from an irresponsible Otaku expert, but it remains rather difficult to justify all the work just to have the guy make a date with some girl from another dimension.

Outbreak Company boob shot

I really loved this episode and I really hope the show will continue more in that direction in the future, I find that too much ecchi/harem non-sense can’t do this show much good and it should follow its Otaku heavy reference that only a handful gets, at the very least that handful of people will be able to love and appreciate the show.

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