Outbreak Company episode 8 & 9: Hikikomori Ways

Outbreak Company hikikomori way

Seeing as I took a week off from blogging because of personal reasons, I will catch up this week by doing 1 post for 2 episodes. Sorry if the discussion is shorter than usual.

Episode 8

Outbreak Company moe moe

This episode was definitively the kind of episode I hoped to see with Outbreak Company. The last few episodes were really satisfying to watch, they really played exactly as I would expect from a show based mainly on Otaku Culture. Last episode showed us the beauty of the Otaku part of Japan and now we got to have a look at the hikikomori ways. It is always interesting to see everything from the eyes of someone that happens to be a complete outsider to this culture. Just about 5 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell what a hikikomori was as, while it is a phenomenon seen in every developed countries, it is a situation that is mainly problematic in japan.

I'd tap that

I’d tap that

It was a good look at the conflict of being an hikikomori and how it is a degrading life style that no one “wants” to adopt. Instead it is more akin to a sickness that keeps getting worse, you don’t realize it is happening until it is too late and you get trapped inside your own world and curse yourself to a life of misery. I doubt anyone would ever “want” to become a shut-in, but if they do maybe this episode can give a better look at just how psychologically painful that lifestyle is. There is nothing glorious and no freedom in being a shut-in, you are only a lion in cage…a lion that no one visits or care about anymore that is. Overall a solid episode of Outbreak Company, I am pleased.

Episode 9

The beach episode, I was never expecting to see it even in this show, but who am I kidding? Things were getting way too serious too quickly, we just had to get a more relax and ecchi heavy episode involving big breasts everywhere and nothing else. As long as next episode get a bit more serious I won’t mind the short break, but this beach episode certainly wasn’t the most interesting episode I’ve seen of Outbreak Company that is for sure.

Outbreak Company school swimsuit

The one great highlight of the episode for me was definitively the conversation between the head of council on the swimsuit her majesty should wear. That was definitively hilarious and I was laughing the whole way through. Other than that I feel the episode was quite easy to predict and rather uneventful. Yes we got all those amazing boobs screenshot to share, and yes this is what beach episodes are all about, but I still believe that there could have been some more interesting development this episode than what we witnessed. Enjoy the gallery of boobs, but I hope for something more in the next few episodes, don’t disappoint me now Outbreak Company !

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