OverLord episode 1 [First Impression]: Let’s Get Stuck In a Video Game Once Again

OverLord disappointed skeleton

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 You would think that after SAO and Log Horizon people would start to be tired of this genre of anime. People are sent into the world of an MMORPG and now have to understand the new rules and find a way to get out, trap inside this new world. Having yet another anime copy the success of SAO is just getting sad and its not original or interesting anymore. It was so boring to see the same concept exploited over and over again, I couldn’t bring myself to like the show…

OverLord twin guardian

This is what I wish I could have said. I wish I disliked the first episode of OverLord, I wish I was able to get sick of the genre because this is obviously just exploiting the recent success of SAO and does not promote originality. Unfortunately as a heavy MMO player I am drawn towards those stories and they really reach a part of me which I wasn’t even aware existed. Despite OverLord being so similar to Log Horizon, despite having seen this genre too much in the last few years, I still liked this episode a lot. I want to see more and I want to discover the world with our supreme one Momonga. I’m disappointing in myself for liking this, but I do and I cannot stop this feeling inside me, no one will get in the way of my love!

OverLord happy servant

As it stands, I am not yet certain if I want to simply watch OverLord or also cover it throughout the summer. I will watch a couple more episode to make my decision, but for now it is definitively a show that interest me enough to give it a try. I would also recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Log Horizon, the two show are rather similar in premise, the only different now is that Momonga seems to be alone in his universe and he will have to live as the only human in a video game, I still think this show could be a nice light show for the summer.

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