OverLord episode 2: Settling in a Video Game World

OverLord testing the world

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 I wasn’t sure what direction OverLord would take with its theme, it could have been really hit or miss. Honestly I am not even sure if I would consider this to be a hit or a miss. The episode had some really solid ground to work on, but I had some issues with the actual characters, the setting and the NPC just don’t mesh so well together, there is too many light fighting between them and high school drama that should not be expected between servants of this level. I would have given them hell for acting this way in front of their supreme ruler.

OverLord passionate

I still find OverLord really entertaining, I still think its a fun watch that I will most likely follow up till the end…but I don’t think I like it enough to continue blogging it every week. The content is just not quite at the level I would have hoped it to be. Yes there is stuff to talk about and a lot of character interaction, but I’m not a huge fan of most of the guards, especially the female one. I said I’d give this show another episode to figure out what I’d do with it, and I think I’ll leave it for now and concentrate on some other things instead. I liked this episode, I liked how the main character was already considering just living in this world and making the best of it, it is different from SAO or Log Horizon where the very first thought of the characters are to get away from this universe. Now instead the guy is pretty content with the life ahead of him and he has an army of servant at his disposal to have the time of his life. It seems that his talk of conquering the world is something that inspire a lot of hope from his servants too, they have greater ambition than their master himself.

I’m repeating myself here but, I won’t be covering this next week, but I’m sure to keep watching, I am such a sucker for video game shows.

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