Phi Brain episode 10: Queen Antoinette

What an exciting episode of Phi Brain it was this week !


Of course I’m just kidding, there is no way this show can be exciting, but at least the episode was not as boring as it could have been. We had a puzzle and even if it was not really that interesting, we still saw a little bit of  action. If only Gamon would have pressed that button, it would have made this episode worthwhile, but a show where the heroes are in a constant life or death situation and no one ever dies,  it makes me lose the interest for the show really fast.


Who is this girl with the hat?

Now there is one thing that was not officially said in the show that no one figured out yet. Antoinette is not only a PoG giver, she is also…a member of Team Rocket ! How else can you explain the fact that she is able to go unrecognized in an arcade shop with only a berret for costume? She has master the art of simple disguises, she learned everything from her teachers Jessie and James. Gamon was in fact so mesmerized by her costume that he was unable to realize that she was a national idol.

If we forget some of those silly things, I really wonder how an organization that only makes puzzle is able to obtain so much money. They build a mechanical floor in a tv studio with the only purpose of killing everyone  involved in solving  the puzzle. Do you have any idea of the money it would cost to build such a large hole under the building? how much money you would need to operate the super powerful generator to move all that mass around? How does the PoG even generate any revenues, as far as I know they only try to kill people, build enormously pointless puzzle and give out prizes. I want to see the income source of PoG, I smell something fishy.


Well, I guess you'll need to find new friends

Anyway, in the end Antoinette was afraid of losing her precious red-haired friend and she tried to stop everyone from dying, it bored me to death, at least the evil president made sure there was no easy escape for this puzzle. I mean this is simply stupid, she was willing to sacrifice the life of everyone for them to solve the puzzle, but suddenly at the end she figured it was a bad idea? why did she had such a random change of heart? it was just out of nowhere and I disliked it.


Next episode will be a bullshit filler, I called it first…first on this post at least. No way anything good will happen next week, so I’ll try to be really drunk to make the post interesting in some ways.


ZeroG signing off

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