Phi Brain episode 12: [Dropped]

This will be my last review of the mediocre show that was Phi Brain.

And I am generous when I say mediocre. I don’t even care watching this show anymore. The reason this post is so late is not because I lacked time to blog the show, I lacked the courage to watch it. But no one will ever realized that my post was late, because if you are one of the 3 people still watching this show, the only thing I can say to you is: why the hell do you still bother?

This episode the story seem to finally move forward a little and there is no shitty meaningless puzzle like before. But nonetheless, I just don’t care about this show anymore, there is no reason for me to give a damn what ever something happens or not. I dislike every single character of the show except for Anna, and the only reason I like him is because I’m still not convinced he is a man. Every other character is boring, shallow and when they try to give them some depth, it is either uninteresting, or done so wrong that it makes no sense.


The story seemed great at first, but they decided for some reason to have thousands of fillers and boring unbelievable characters. It ruined everything. The only thing I will miss of this show is its opening theme song, I love that song, I think it was the only thing that kept me watching more of this shitty show. ~Yume no naka It’s a Supernova! Watashi wa sou Brain Diver~. I wish the show was just 1/3  the awesomeness of the opening song.

Maybe the reason I dislike the show was because it was maybe aimed for kids? I don’t know, I feel like younger child might not appreciate puzzle that complicated all that much, but at the same time they are the only audience who could related to such incomplete and broken character without pulling their hair off their head and screaming insanity while running in circles. This will be the first show I cover that I drop midway, but while I was mentally ready to endure this pain in the ass of a show for a full season, I never would have expected, not even in my worst nightmares, that this show would be 25 episodes. I simply don’t posses the mental fortitude and the courage to watch a single episode more than what I already did, this is the end for me.

So in the end this show got the best of me, it was not bad enough to be funny, it was not in any way good. The show was simply a boring and sad thing to watch. I feel bad that some people were forced to work on this failure, the art was alright, they deserve a better job.


ZeroG signing off



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