Phi Brain episode 5: The Puzzle of Kaito’s Past

Here we go with another week of Phi brain, but for once this time everyone has been introduced and it seems we are finally moving in with the main story. This episode we slowly discovered a little more about Kaito’s past.

At the very least now we have an explanation why the kid has no parents, Kaito failed to solve a puzzle with them when he was younger and they died. I guess to witness your parent die before your eyes is never a charming and fun experience, but it seems the only way to become awesome according to pop-culture. Now the only thing Kaito is missing is an arc-nemesis and he is set to become the next superhero.

The story is still cheesy as ever, but at least now it is cheesy with a story. It might not be the most entertaining or serious show around, but it beats a lot of mindless harem/ecchi at the very least. Still, the show as the potential to become something kind of interesting if it tries. But since we are already near the halfway mark for Phi Brain and we have yet to see any major plot element, I guess that the only awesomeness we will witness won’t happen before the end of the season.

The one thing that interest me is the relationship between Kaito and that white-haired boy from POG, they are most likely friends from when Kaito was studying in England, but just how much do they know each other and what kind of relationship did they have? We still have little knowledge about Kaito’s past and while I am certain that we will start uncovering his past soon enough, there seem to be just so much stuff that happened before that we have no clue about. The only difference between uncovering the past in this show, compared to some other show, is that I don’t actually care that much about Kaito or any other character of the show. Everything is so childish that it is quite difficult to take them seriously.

Also Kaito needs to find a new girlfriend, the one he has right now is simply cumbersome, except for falling to her death she doesn’t do much. I guess her only use would be to fall into the traps that Kaito has not found already, but then again she is just as likely to die on an obvious one too. I guess the show needed at least one girl present to have all those pointless upskirts and pantyshots, I mean what would be a shitty anime without ecchi right?



Truth is, the episode was a little boring even with all the “incredible” actions and puzzles.Maybe it is only because I don’t like adventure show that much, but I like good character development to be much more fun than any kind of puzzle will ever be. Unless you consider Kaito’s past and personality to be a puzzle of its own.


ZeroG signing off

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