Phi Brain episode 6: Problem solving is hard

Kaito lost his ability to solve puzzle, but he is still determined to try to solve them anyway.

Well, that story twist didn’t last long. It feels like Kaito lost the ability to solve puzzle only at the end of last episode…oh never mind, it is exactly what happened. I guess that makes a big 20 minutes without power in viewing time. I enjoyed those 20 minutes thoroughly, it felt like something was finally going to happen other than puzzle solving without any real consequence, but I guess a real decent story was too much to ask from Phi Brain. So instead of having the main character confront his emotion and learn more about his past and his personality, we’ll just go back to regular boring episodes.


Sup Girlzzz.... and Trap

The episode was fun, finally we had a hero who was not over the top intelligent and able to solve everything you throw at him no matter how ridiculous the puzzle his, instead you had a guy who used to be a genius live the life of a stupid student. I could have got a full show about that, it is bad when you realize you are worthless, but it is always worse if you remember being the best before. Everything Kaito lived for, all his achievements and his goals in life, his reason for living itself…vanished. He lost the ability to do the only thing he was good at and is only reason to wake up every morning. It was really interesting.


Speaking of Trap, where is ackbar when you need him !

What I liked even more was how supportive everyone around him were, Kaito is not the most fun person to be around, he is kind of huge cocky jerk, so to see all those other cocky jerks help him out when he was in trouble was kind of heart-warming…or it would have been if I cared a little more for the characters of the show. But regardless, Nonoha was really awesome in her kindness, I wish I could have a groupie following me around all the time too. I guess I’m not enough of an ass for this to happen.



Anyway, now Kaito is back on track and he will be able to achieve phi brain, what ever that means, he might even be able to score a chicks or two along the way if he cared for something like that. But right now it seems that Nonoha will gain a title next episode for some reason, maybe it will be up-skirt-master? Queen of uselessness? Empress of Support character? No idea what kind of talent that girl actually has, but it sure ain’t puzzle related. I guess we will see next week.



Anyway, I loved the episode, I’m just pissed that everything is already over, I was really hoping for at least 2 or 3 episodes were Kaito was powerless, but I guess it was not a great idea to expect so much from a show like that. I’ve learned my lesson, next week I hope that some character speaks with Kaito, this should be good enough not to be disappointed.


ZeroG signing off



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