Photo Kano episode 1 [First Impression]: picture perfect… Well, the girls are anyways

photo kano sister friend


Blehh, this is so not my style. Girl harems were never my style, even if they’re romancy.

Basically, it seems like this is going to be a romance which targets mostly guys. Without being completely ecchi, there is some light fanservice here and there, and the girls are way too over-kawaii for my taste. However, I’ll admit that it’s a style; not mine, but anyone who liked Amagami SS will probably also like this show. Is it going to stand out from other shows and become a show that should be recommended to anyone? I’d be really surprised to get something that awesome out of it. The potential for it to fail is also low, however, and it’s bound to become average and popular for its target audience only; males who like pretty girls and kano baseball girl

Coming from a bishoujo game, it’s to be expected that the man of the story will get all the pretty girls. The concept that his camera is what brings him closer to them is really ridiculous and kind of just gives us an excuse to watch them make cute poses guys can enjoy, and I honestly don’t think that guys who were never popular suddenly get all the girls because of a single camera. I mean, girls can be serious attention whores, but there’s a limit to everything.

photo kano presidentLooking at the characters next, I can definitely say that for a show centered around pretty girls, it’s a good thing they didn’t screw that part up. The girls are really cute, to a point where I really have trouble withstanding them, but I won’t hold a grudge for that since it’s basically the only point of the show. What I do have a bit of a problem with since it makes the show even more generic is the lack of originality in the characters. So there’s the sister, the big boobs senpai, the student council president, the shy girl, the sporty girl, the popular childhood friend… Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, there needs to be a tsundere there at some point. The only character I found particularly interesting was the stealth girl, and I have my doubts on whether she’ll become a conquest or not. She was the only character I saw with at least a bit of originality in her; everyone else just follows complete stereotypes and right now I don’t expect much out of them.

Somehow the proportions don't seem right.

Somehow the proportions don’t seem right.

Not that I should have anything to expect out of them, since I won’t be watching it. This anime comes from a bishoujo game; it targets a male audience who looks for romance more than thoughtless ecchi, it’s cute and it’s pretty. People who like this will say the show is good; people who don’t will say it’s okay, because although it has few flaws, it also has few good points. It’s just… Another show we’ll forget about quickly.

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