Ping Pong the Animation episode 1 [First Impression]: Abstract Art

Ping Pong the Animation ping pong

Just after hearing the name of this anime I already had no interest in watching it, after watching it, I must say that my opinion as not changed one bit. The art style for this show is rough…really rough. It makes it difficult to watch, I don’t think I saw a single straight line anywhere in the show, everything is shaky, everything looks imperfect and it is bugging me. Even the lines of a train are crooked everywhere.

Ping Pong the Animation train

At first the show got me a bit interested. I mean, the concept of Ping Pong has a theme for a show is stupid and lame, the characters were boring and lame and the art was absolutely terrible, this made me wonder “So just what is the reason they made this show? What’s the cool catch?”. Maybe that catch will show up in the future, but after the first episode, I have not found it. This show has really nothing special that you can’t get from the title. It is an ugly, boring anime about Ping Pong. The voice actors are annoying and the show doesn’t have any surprise for us. This is a dead end, there is no future to this show.

Ping Pong the Animation guys

The show could have been average or just fine if it had a bit more money bit in the animation, maybe if I didn’t feel like I was watching art from the 1800. But having a show that is just average with the terrible art and animation, a whole episode with no soundtrack…it just kills the show.

Ping Pong the Animation chinese dude

I won’t be watching this show unless I get really bored, but I definitively won’t blog this past this first impression. There is really no redeeming factor to Ping Pong the Animation. I don’t recommend it to anyone, it is just not worth your time. Only case for watching it would be to be some kind of die hard Ping Pong fanatic, and even then you will be disappointed that the show look so bad and dishonour the sport that you like.

ZeroGhj signing off

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