Plastic Memories episode 1 [First Impression]: AI Memories

Plastic Memories one last goodbye

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 This is why anime original are so great, they have interesting concepts. They are not always great, sometimes they are amazing, sometimes they are complete miss, but I think this one is part of the former. Plastic Memories is an anime following a newby going through with his new job. He has to dispose of AI arriving at the end of their useful lives, the difficulty of the job lies in the owner of the AI refusal to dispose of their dying AI’s. The anime is one of drama, dilemma and the sad feeling of losing someone you love and spent good time and memories with. People live departure differently, some with indifference, some with tears, some with rage. I have no doubt that the very concept of this anime is bound to bring some very powerful and difficult feelings. I think it is a fantastic concept and it should be awesome.

Plastic Memories combing hair one last time

The visual quality of the anime isn’t that great, the animation and the art style are a bit weak, but considering the nature of the show, this should not hold much weight as to how great it will be. No need to be pretty when you are this deep and emotionally powerful. This was only the first episode and I was already tearing up a bit, I can’t wait to be bawling my eyes out watching this show in the future. The characters, human and robots alike, a very human, they feel real, they have their strength, their limitation, and at the end of the day they feel relatable and this is a prime quality for a story that wants to convey such difficult emotion as Plastic Memories.

Plastic Memories Isla

There is no doubt in my mind that I will be watching and reviewing this anime every week. This is golden, I won’t pass it for anything in the world. Things can always turn either way with anime, and you usually need to wait till episode 3 to get a good feel of what there is left to come, but I’d take my bet right now that Plastic Memories is going to be a great success, this episode alone moved me.

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