Plastic Memories episode 2: Getting Old and Useless

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Oh Japan, you might be one of the only place in the world where having an employee taking notes and making a guide of what to do in certain situation be something that sound even somewhat normal and appropriate. It’s not even like Tsukasa landed a typical office job or a job as an industrial technician either, he works with people and human-like machines. I know that even in the show people look at him funny for trying to create a new manual considering the kind of job he has to accomplish, but even a sociology textbook is not something that can hardly be considered to a manual no matter how specific the textbook is about. People are always different in some way or another and the skill needed to properly approach the situation is not the ability to read a book. You need to be able to read a situation and read a person’s feeling. Everyone lives different experience in their lives, everyone have had good days, bad days, and some people are easier to approach than others. I don’t even know why the Terminal Service even bothered printing out a work book in the first place, I don’t see how it is appropriate for the job in the first place.

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If there is one thing that Plastic Memories does very badly, it is the plot twist. Everyone and their mother already knew from the first episode that Isla didn’t have that much time left. It was written in the sky and the title of the show could have been 2000 hours or less and it would have been just as obvious as it currently is. Isla has about 83 days left to live, or just a bit less than 3 months. It was already pretty clear that Isla was afraid of her own coming death and she was struggling to cope with the knowledge of her own mortality. It can already be said that the main plotline of Plastic Memories is the story of Isla and how she will live her life for the last 3 months she has in front of her. With her interaction with Tsukasa she will be able to increasingly come to term with it, find someone to share her last moment with and through her active duty she might find some answers as to her purpose in death and how to come to accept it.

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This episode raised one thing which really confused me though. We’ve seen them pick up a couple of dying android now, most of them appeared to be fine even nearing the end of their lives and didn’t seem to have any major issues. Why is it then that Isla is seeing her abilities steadily decrease like this? I thought that the whole point of deleting the personality of the Giftia after 7 years was to avoid any loss in personality and reduction in efficiency. Why is it then that Isla is showing such poor performance as she is reaching the end of her useful lifetime? I’m not sure if there is something special with her, or if this is simply something that happens to all Giftia but we could only perceive that effect on Isla since we had a history of her past performance. I’m curious to find out.

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