Plastic Memories episode 3: Isla the Grim Reaper

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 I have a problem with Plastic Memories, and it is an issue that really doesn’t come often in anime, so it sounds like a really weird thing to be bothered about. The way character express themselves and how they behave in different situation feel really real. I can also feel a connection with those characters, I can understand where they came from, their intention and what made them what they are now. This just goes to show how well they managed to illustrate and portray those characters in the anime, a job well done. Problem with it though is that the story is not following up on the easily conveyed intention of the characters. I feel like the story is going around in circle, we already know a lot about Isla, we already know that’s she is trying to avoid “aging” as much as she can. Isla is obsessed with her own mortality and she is irrationally trying to either live older by reducing her humanity, or she just wants to avoid making memories to make her death less painful. This episode was a whole rerun of the entire concept. It was still funny and entertaining, but the episode felt a bit like a filler more than anything else.

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 I’m not sure if Isla is more scared of her own death itself, or simply of the memories she will leave behind and lose. For a human, both are pretty much the same thing, but for Isla, her life as a machine will continue in the future, it is only her current personality and memories which will be lost. The robot known as Isla can still be used with a new AI inside of it, her physical form will go on, but not her as an individual. Is Isla afraid of her own personality disappearing? or is she simply afraid of everyone she is leaving behind? Isla might have a lot of experience dealing with human and robots alike to help them say their final farewell, but it seems to have given her a very bad impression on her own death. What is it that affected her most here though? Is it the idea of death itself or is it from all the memories that she has to go through? After all, Isla and the other AI have a very unique perspective of the death of their own kin. They are the grim reapers, they are the one taking their lives and then proceed to experience the entire life and memories of those AI before deleting it all.  Living the life of others like that must be a really tough job, especially when you consider a little clumsy girl like Isla to be the one doing it.

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I’m still very interested in this show despite finding the episode rather slow, I just hope things start moving forward a bit more in future episode, I wouldn’t want things to begin stalling from episode 3.

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