Plastic Memories episode 4: Call Child Protection Service

Plastic Memories pedophile warning

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You know what would be awesome if the only parent you ever had was about to be taken away shortly after your birthday? Most likely to have a bunch of creepy stranger get into your life and get way too involve with things that does not concern them!  Then they cook bake you a shitty cake, event none of your friends and eat a month worth of food by themselves. Yes, this is the best birthday ever, Next time my insurance company needs to verify something because I made a claim, I hope they ask to come into my house, assist me in replacing my good, cook me dinner, ask me really personal question and then invite some more of their coworker because you know, the more random stranger the more fun!

Plastic Memories shittiest birthday party

I’m really not sure I get why it seems to be so appropriate for pencil pusher to involve themselves this much in the personal life of their clients. I can fully understand how it is necessary for them to give some closure when getting the Giftia back, but there is some line between giving the owner closure and actively entering their lives. This episode just felt extremely awkward to me. I think the kid should have had a specialist from child care come and take care of him, not random A.I funeral crew.

This actually lead to a much more important question. What is the deal with that kid? His parent died, fair enough. The family robot then took care of him, I suppose this is something they could do, having a Giftia take care of the child instead of a human. But why are they claiming that now that the Giftia is taken away the kid will be alone? What kind of fucked up society is that. The kid lost both his parent, now he loses his guardian, and he is just going to be left alone? This does not make any sense.

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I have further issues with the current context. I understand that the Giftia was a guardian, she could take care of finance and the house and stuff. But it was pretty clear she was not working, she was always at home doing chores and stuff, so how the hell did they get the money to continue living there and making such lavish birthday party? Yes their parents might have had money and be able to leave enough behind for them to live for a few years, but enough for 3 full years? The kids needs money, the kid needs a guardian, how can you even legally take the signature of a junior high kid for anything? I just don’t know what to think of this whole ordeal.

Plastic Memories stranger in the house

This episode was weird, but it gave us an outlook to the chaos and inhumanity of the world Plastic Memories is setup in. We are after all watching a science-fiction show, what seemed to be set in a near future is slowly starting to showcase something more akin to a dystopia than anything else. In what kind of world do they life that a kid would be left to fend off for himself without a guardian like that, makes me wonder what other kind of twisted thing we’ll notice in future episodes.

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