Plastic Memories episode 6: Alright, I’ve seen enough

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This episode was a mix between plain silly filler and serious emotions regarding Isla, but nonetheless it gave me enough to form a decision on what Plastic Memories is and I decided I would stop covering it from now on. I really liked some of the concept and situation brought from the setting and the universe, I liked the characters at first, but things did not go where I wanted them to. I began watching Plastic Memories because of the hope of great drama. I wanted really difficult situation about life and death to be brought up, I wanted to be brought to tears and be sad every time the show was on. I wanted to see the joy of life and sadness of death, understand the many different ways there are to die and how the one left behind cope with it. Plastic Memories did not properly deliver on these promises. We got about a quarter of what I wanted in the psychological department, the rest was divided between silly slice of life moment, happy thoughts and random sexual innuendos. The show also suffer from a really slow pacing, too much emphasis is put on the wrong things and it distills the seriousness and intensity of the show making it very difficult for me to keep an healthy interest in every episode.

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Plastic Memories is not the most terrible show ever, I don’t think it has any overly abhorrent flaws, I was simply expecting one thing and was given another. The first episode, like it happens so often, was really over-promising of what Plastic Memories would be and since it was an original IP it increased my hope of a different angle, a different kind of anime. None of this actually came to be and it is why I had so much trouble getting into Plastic Memories. It became too ordinary, there is not enough to transform this show from the very traditional way anime are shown and it is a shame. Since you don’t base yourself from a manga as source material it was the time to change the pacing and go wild, but instead we once again get something rather generic and it is a wasted opportunity to me.

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I had great hopes this season for Plastic Memories and unfortunately the show was unable to fulfill them. Usually that’s not enough for me to drop a show entirely, but if you also factor in the fact that there are about 4 or 5 great shows and that they all come out on Saturday, it starts being quite obvious that my time should be spent a bit more wisely. I will probably keep watching Plastic Memories, I might just not give it as much thought as I used to do.

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