Pokémon: The Origin episode 1 [First Impression]: Red & Green adventure begins!

Pokémon: The Origin oak green and red

This Pokémon might be a really accelerated version of the game (after all it is only 4 episodes long) and things might go really quickly, but boy is it awesome. This is probably just the nostalgia feeling I have inside, but it is great to see an old game revisited as an anime, even if it is sped up a whole lot. The show is obviously not for people with no knowledge of the game, I can understand how anyone wouldn’t like it if they were unaware of the full content and everything that happens in between that we never saw, but there is only so much that can be done with so much content and only 4 episodes.

Pokémon: The Origin Red and charmender

What I really loved about this Pokémon anime is that the Pokémon are using actual move, with their actual effect. It is impossible that we will see a pikachu beat an Onyx with electric attack, and that is really good in itself. Granted I’m a bit doubtful that a scratch attack can do that much damage (enough to finish off that Onyx) but nonetheless the actual mechanic of the game were respected in the anime and that is already a huge step forward from the traditional Pokémon anime. It also helps that the main character is red, the biggest bad ass in Pokémon history who ends up catching them all (or close to it) and becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer.

Pokémon: The Origin tm

I’m curious to how fast paced everything will have to be for this show to cover all this great journey in just 3 more episodes, but I’m sure it will be exciting to revisit childhood memories again along with this anime. It is also really fun to see Pokémon fight in real time with such accuracy to the game.

Pokémon: The Origin bite

I will be watching and covering this special anime of Pokémon for the 4 episodes, it is short, it is filled with memories and i just love to see Pokémon actually fighting, actually getting hurt and you can see the pain in their scream when they are tackled to the ground. This show might actually be for kids, but it is certainly a lot more accurate and interesting than the other Pokémon adventure so far. I wouldn’t recommend Pokémon: The Origin to someone who haven’t played the video game as the story is too accelerated to make sense, but for everyone else in the world that did, this is truly magical and I recommend watching it, after all it is so short and quick to watch.

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