Pokémon the Origin episode 2 – 4 : Red Catch’em All

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Because of both time constraint and practicality I will be reviewing the final 3 episode of the Pokémon the Origin special in a single post. I will go faster over each episode and give an overall review of the whole experience. Pokémon the Origin was truly a great teaser anime for Pokémon X & Y, it was a great nostalgia trip and it was amazing to finally have a Pokémon anime which was a bit more mature in its showing. The regular anime is too childish and it has lost me as a viewer since ages ago, but I would definitively watch a Pokémon anime that is more serious like this one, hence why I loved this mini-series so much. Now into the actual episode review.

Pokemon the Origin Blastoise

Episode 2, Lavender Town, this was a somehow really touching episode. You know I never expect to be touched in such way when I am told a story about Pokémons, I always imagine the battle and stuff, but this show goes beyond and have Pokémon actually die. I know that in the game the very same story with the baby Cubone and the Marowak mother exist too, but it was much different to see it in anime form than from a top down rpg game. You could actually hear and feel the sadness in the anime compared to the game. I think that beyond what we see, what we hear in the show is really what makes a huge difference on how we perceive the story.

Pokemon the Origin reunited

Overall Lavender Town was a great episode for the emotional implication the episode had, but it was a bit weak when it came to action and battles, but that’s what the next 2 episode were made for.

In Episode 3 we met Giovanni for the first time, and while in the game he sounds and act like a total stupid douche, I feel like the voice actor alone for Giovanni in the anime made him sound so much more awesome than he had to be. I always pictured Giovanni has this typical bad guy who has no heart and no feeling, but instead in the anime he felt like a total bad ass. I mean when he first appeared I instantly changed my opinion of him from “That guy is a bad” to “Man, I don’t care about loving Pokémon anymore, I want to follow Giovanni into Team Rocket!”. It is really weird how only the voice of a character can completely change your opinion of him. I mean yes Giovanni was torturing Pokémon and human alike to accomplish his business goals, but I’d totally do the same in real life so it is not like I can really judge his actions.

Pokemon the Origin Giovanni is a bad ass

Overall I think that this episode completely stole the focus away from Red for me and into Giovanni, it actually makes me wonder what happened to the guy after Red & Green story was over. I don’t think I remember seeing him at all in Gold/Silver even though Team Rocket was present. I’m rather curious to know if he had a successful career as a pokemon trainer after Red left his Gym. I am really not kidding when I’m saying that Giovanni took the central position away for me, I want a new mini series focusing solely on Giovanni new life and what he is now up to ! Jokes aside, I think that I saw Giovanni as the mature and realistic version of a Pokémon trainer in the show. His youngster dreams of becoming a Pokémon master fell through at some point and instead he created an organization that used Pokémon to gain greater power. You have to say that he is mature and not as evil as he looks, he does have progress in mind for every action he takes, but he certainly doesn’t have the best PR team out there.

Pokemon the Origin another badge

Enough with Giovanni and the 3rd episode, now to the last episode, the one where Red becomes the very best like no one ever was, when he manages to not only become the Pokémon Champion and feature in the Hall of Fame, but where he finally all 150 original Pokémon. I believe that by far this episode was made most significant by hyping Pokémon X & Y with the appearance of the Mega Evolution. Charizard is one of the Pokémon who is able to enter into Mega Evolution and in this 4th episode of the show we saw Charizard take his X side of the Mega Evolution and become a Dragon / Fire type to defeat Mewtwo. I must say the one thing that bugged me a bit was that although he became a really strong physical fighter in this Mega Evolution with bonus to normal attack, he decided to use Fire Blast which is a special attack and would usually fall under his other Mega Evolution area of expertise. Geekiness aside, it was nice to get a first hand view at this new feature of the game, especially coming from such an amazing short series.

Pokemon the Origin Mega evolution pokemon X

Overall I absolutely loved Pokémon the Origin, I would gladly watch a Pokémon anime with this style in the future, a bit more violent and more in line with the game than the other anime. I’d recommend this show to every Pokémon fan and advertise it as what Pokémon anime should have been from the very beginning.

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