Pri Para episode 1 [First Impression]: Bad Kid Show

Pri Para transform into idol

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So…I am a 23 year old male who hates idol and I’m going to give you my first impression of this anime for 6 years old japanese girl. I think this show will be loved by every single little girl under 10 out there, the show was generic, bright, colourful and oh so lame. It makes me sad to know that kids these days watch the same crap we used to watch as kids 20 years ago. It was boring and unoriginal back then and it is just as boring and even more unoriginal now. This is the one field where it seems that no progress were made what so ever. I don’t think I even understand what’s the difference between Pri Para and Aikatsu, the two shows are the exact same thing in my head, yet I’m sure children will watch both and love them somehow.

Pri Para lala

After spending most of my days inside, having so many colour in an anime is just a huge turn off, it reminds me of the outside world and make me relive repress memories. Seriously though, I hate everything that this anime is about, I wouldn’t want my own children to watch something like this as it gives a really bad example of what life is about and it is too stupid to challenge them mentally in any way. I understand that children can’t really understand really complex stories and would not be interested in deep psychological thrillers, yet I feel there is still better for them than stupid idol shows like this one. The kids deserve something more interesting that what is currently thrown at them, Hero Bank and the Marvel anime adaptation were already much more interesting than this show. It is not because Pri Para is aimed at girl that it cannot bring in interesting life concept and important values for the children. Japanese tradition seems to look down at women so much some time, they are people too!

Pri Para crazy teacher

I won’t be watching or blogging this show, nor do I recommend it for your children. They deserve something more intelligent and useful than this.

ZeroGhj signing off

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