Prison School episode 1 [First Impression]: Energetic Expressions

Prison School really sad

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 I’m not really the masochistic kind, but Prison School definitively did an impression on me nonetheless. I can’t say I liked the ecchi that much, can’t say I enjoyed the setting or the story that much either, what really got me is the presentation. What made this an amazing experience to me was the crazy emotional reaction that we get to see makes the entire show for me.

Prison School intense look

Before I go to the good part, let me say that for a ecchi anime, the ecchi was pretty weak and did not manage to impress me in the least. I am not into the whole super virgin scenario where any kind of even remote contact with a girl would be out of this world. I do agree that most of the guys in the show are beyond disgusting, so I can understand why there would be problem for them to interact with girls, but I think their perversion is going to far…even for me. Those guys are definitively some of the worse, but I still don’t think they deserve this intense punishment, nor do I think they would be expelled even if they did get caught by the administration for what they did. I kind of question the judgement of those young individuals and their choice in life.

Prison School masochist

Putting aside the “meh” ecchi and the weird characters, weirdness is the one feature that made me fall in love with the show. The weird style of animation and the overly exaggerated emotions really got to me. It seems that everyone is either at 100% or 0% with no in-between ever. There is screaming and complete silence, but I have yet to hear someone talk normally on the show and I love it that way. This does not apply only of the emotions but to the character design too, the guys are all ugly and disgusting in the most intense and different ways. Between spewing blood every 2 seconds to being impossibly fat with the longest earlobes, the character design is just as intense with the way it is expressed than anything else in the show and it fascinates me.

Prison School crazy evil look

I don’t believe I could cover this show because I don’t believe in its content all that much, I simply felt in love with its insane presentation. I will definitively keep watching the show and I recommend it to everyone who can tolerate a small amount of ecchi, it is a very interesting style that I am sure will catch the attention of other than just me. I would recommend and I will watch it.

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