Psycho-Pass 2 episode 10: Incorruptible

Psycho-Pass 2 visibly affected

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Turns out Akane was even more in the know than she was letting out to be, she is so strong, so Just, that even knowing everything didn’t change her action or her mood. The death of her grandmother shook her quite a bit, but within minute she was able to recompose herself and get right back to who she is. Even Togane’s black embrace was unable to shake her, sometimes I wonder if the girl is even human sometimes. She was walking around Togane and working with him, giving him chances for so long. She knew who he was, she understood the danger, she simply never felt threatened. She’s currently next to the most psychotic human of their country and the one trying to destroy said country and all she can think about is that she doesn’t want anyone to die.

Psycho-Pass 2 stopped the blackness

We’ve already reach the final few encounters, Kamui against Togane. Place your bet everybody, I somehow doubt this will take more than a second. Kamui already seem to be firing and Togane has his knife out, I’m not sure what Akane can even do to stop this situation. Maybe the both of them will escape somehow, but I doubt Togane could ever be a normal citizen, I feel he is bound to be killed and rejected from the system completely at some point.

Psycho-Pass 2 Kamui going for the kill

Now it will be time to see if Akane can deliver on her own promises. She wants to improve Sybil, she wants to fix the mistakes of its structure and make it evolve to stay a perfect system of law. Sybil doesn’t seem to be seeing things the same way though, we are in a confrontation of vision. This is like Conservatives and Liberals all over again, Akane wants to push forwards and fix the flaw in the system even if she doesn’t know the consequences of her action, meanwhile Sybil doesn’t want to risk anything and keep the status quo even if it means losing a part of itself. Is there a way better than another? Not really, both will be successful at time and fail at others. No way of thinking is perfect, but I’m the type of guy who likes to takes chances and move forward with this kind of thing, so I’m really eager to see if Sybil will adapt and become something new, something which respect itself better.

Psycho-Pass 2 taking hostages

Akane has become a force to be reckon with, she can’t be neutralized by system, she can’t be influenced on the wrong side and she won’t stop taking justice into her own hand. Unless Sybil integrates her into their system, Sybil will have to respect her and adapt to her ideas. That they want it or not, she has become an authority in the matter that they can’t simply ignore in the matter. So, who will have their way now? Sybil, Kamui, Akane? The last few episodes will be just about that.

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