Psycho-Pass 2 episode 11 [Final]: Judging Oneself

Psycho-Pass 2 judging Sybil

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Final episode already? I was under the false impression we would have 12 episodes for this season of Psycho-Pass, I am both sorry that we have one less episode than expected and extremely excited that we are already at the final!

There were great many surprises to me in this final episode, because of its length and its pace, I was not expecting for so many dramatic changes to occur in the universe of Psycho-Pass. I thought maybe this would be some sort of filler arc, where we get to learn more about the background of Sybil, instead I think there was even more progression this time around then in the 22 episodes of the first season. We’ve had our share of character development when it comes to Akane, she had her share of stress in those 11 episodes. Between having her grandmother die, seeing a colleague turn against her and have 2 different person try to mess with her head. The girl has had her share of problems to feel like shit.

Psycho-Pass 2 true justice

Yet despite everything, her psycho-pass actually became clearer than it once was. The change to the way Sybil interpret people made her become criminally asymptomatic. We were not given any significant proof of this, but whenever she was scanned she appeared to show 0, to be crystal clear. As I hinted at possibilities in earlier episode reviews, Akane’s sense of justice is magnificent and even Sybil had to agree with such a statement and make use of her ideas. Now her role in the governance of the country, her role in the creation of Sybil has become even more important. Good thing that Akane is made of steel, because she might be responsible for even greater massacre than what has ever been seen before.

Psycho-Pass 2 angry togane

Already, a big portion of Sybil has resumed to kill themselves because they were incompatible with their new doctrine. I understand most of them were sociopath and the like, but it remains something rather extreme for an organism to be willing to kill individuals willingly like that. While Sybil is a collective, I am surprised they were able to come to a conclusion that would result in the termination of a big portion of it’s “brainpower”. This just goes to show how powerful a system Sybil is originally. It might not be perfect, it definitively has its flaws, but it can grow to become a true god of justice with multiple iterations and enough time.

Psycho-Pass 2 suicide

Now under the new system, someone can be individually evil as before, but someone can also be good, but bring society to evil. This means someone can be killed or arrested not because of something he did, but because of his influence on others. It can sound extremely crazy and extreme, but this would also mean that, if enforced, it would reduce the crime coefficient of individuals who would otherwise be fine and it would also prevent new riots or terrorist action against Sybil. Until the next horror or freak of nature, Sybil can now judge the whole world even better than it ever could before. Sybil can now even judge itself.

Psycho-Pass 2 what colour, pitch black

What a wonderful season of Psycho-Pass this was, I must admit I was blown away by how much content and progression was released. I originally thought the movie would be the final chapter of the universe and conclude things with the Psycho-Pass universe, but I now believe that on the contrary, there might be a lot more coming our way, this universe is still rich and has much to offer. I am looking forward, or rather I am craving, for more of this universe. This was one of my 3 favourite anime of the season, which means a lot considering how many great shows there are around in this time of year.

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