Psycho-Pass 2 episode 2: What Colour?

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 If the first episode of this second season of Psycho-Pass was a reintroduction into its world and its new characters, this episode was a real introduction of the arc that will be at the center of this 11 episodes season. Akane really matured a whole lot since the last season, she has already grew to become an excellent boss among her team. If last season the detectives had flair, this time Akane uses her team to its full potential. Not only that, but she would make me want to become a criminal just so I can work for her as an enforcer. She treats her team very well, she even, surprise surprise, respect them as real human beings! What a surprise. Who knew that people would work better and respect you more if you respect them back. I am very please to see the team work and trust Akane’s team is showing, this season should be very exciting.

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Meanwhile, a new challenger appears to give the investigation bureau some trouble. Yet another man has shown up who wishes to challenge the Sybil system, but this time, he doesn’t seem to be a sociopath, he simply looks like a revolutionary. It was a bit weird after the last “villain” of Psycho-Pass to see this one cry at the lost of someone he works with. It seems that this time around the mastermind behind everything will be much more relatable. It really comes to no surprise that he would be, yet again, someone who opposes the current system, but I am interested to know how he can move around as a phantom the way he does it.

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The season just began, so there are a lot of questions without answers. Therefore I won’t spend too long on them and instead I want to talk about the few things that are not questions. First of, I love how Psycho-Pass does the same bullshit as they do in an episode of CSI where with the use of computer and database someone is able to obtain every information possible to essentially solve the case. Except that in the case of Psycho-Pass, it actually makes sense and it is believable. Their entire society is built around the monitoring of its citizen and advance computing and database system. It therefore seems rather likely that they could get all that information about every citizen alive.

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Last thing of importance this episode was the significance of the letters WC? While the answer was not explicit, what I believe to have understood is that those letters stand for : What Colour? It works with the theme of the new mastermind, where he wants to prove that people can have their hue changed if they receive proper help. The one behind WC? wants to tell the world that Sybil is sometimes too quick to judge, that people can be rehabilitated. I might not be completely sure about WC?, it is a bit odd that they would use the phrase in english in Japan, but I am still 80% sure WC? does stand for What Colour? or some variation of this. I think we will probably have the absolute answer to that question next episode. I love this show.

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