Psycho-Pass 2 episode 3: Kami Kamui

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I am surprised at how many answers were already made available in this new story of Psycho-Pass, we are only at the third episode and yet I already feel that a lot of my initial big questions have all been answered. This episode we got to see Kamui, we now understand more what kind of person he is, we know how he operates, we know what WC? stands for, we know where every inspector went and we even have a clearer view of the kind of relationship Akane has with Sybil itself. There are only a few interesting questions I still have in mind, but I am already more than satisfied to have acquired all this new information during this episode.

Psycho-Pass 2 Kamui loves you

There are 3 characters which had some spotlight this episode and I am grateful for it. First there was Kamui himself. He is spoken of by other as a god, someone who can make all your worries disappear, a messiah that came to save the word from evil and injustice. While everyone he saves acts like a true religious zealot, the guy himself looks really intelligent and very gentle of a person. After seeing murderers, sociopath and people who lost their way, Kamui is a nice change of pace. He is one who avoids and disrupt the Sybil system through compassion and understanding. He seem like a great therapist more than anything else, After the bureau’s chief mentioned the importance of Tougane and how high his crime coefficient once was, and knowing the guy was a therapist of some sort, I feel there will be some interesting contrast created between the therapist who cannot be seen and the one who reached the highest level threat level. What choices, what attitude made the difference in the path of those two? I hope there will be something along those line discussed in this 11 episodes arc.

Psycho-Pass 2 Chief

Two characters we had seen in the last season finally made their debut this episode, the Chief of the investigation Bureau, also known to be a portion of Sybil itself and Jouji Saiga, a very perceptive individual to say the least. I was really eager to see the Chief once again, not so much because I find the character interesting, but mostly because I was very curious of the new relationship that would have been created between Sybil and Tsunemori Akane since the last arc. After all, Akane is probably the only human who knows what Sybil really is, she is the only one who saw it with her very own eyes. It is without surprise that Akane would be tasked with more…delicate operations. It was fun to see this semi-trust that Sybil had into this inspector, Akane is really strong and privileged.

Psycho-Pass 2 Jouji

Lastly, I was not expecting to see Jouji once again, but it was a very pleasant surprise nonetheless. It was a bit sad to see that he was confined after he turned himself in, but at the same time he didn’t seem to have such bad conditions at the end of the day. That man is as sharp as ever and it is nice to see that Akane isn’t scared to make the most of his talent. It must also not be too bad to have someone as high profile as Akane to come by to visit once in a while and give interesting problem to solve. I am so pleased with how Akane has become, it makes me happy to see her uses every resources she has to solve the cases. Even more so since the resource available to her are so awesome!

There is still so much more that could be discussed about this episode, but I could discuss it until the dawn of the morning after, so I will stop here for this episode. It is rather difficult to hide my excitement for this anime, it stimulates my brain in just the right way.

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