Psycho-Pass 2 episode 4: The Colour of Sybil

Psycho-Pass 2 shooting civilians

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A very action heavy episode of Psycho-Pass this week, but before I go too deep into everything that happened in the episode itself, I just have to address something about the way this episode was produced and censored.

I do not have contacts inside the industry where I pull this information from, but it seemed rather evident that between the script writing and directing phase, there was some adjustments to the level of nudity the people in the building would have. Our old man, savior of this episode, addresses them all as if they were bare naked, in their natural form, yet they are clearly all simply in their underwear. I have a strong feeling the original script was actually calling for all those people to actually be naked and they censored it because it was too much for Japanese easily offended audience. Those are the same people who censor their own porn, so it really doesn’t come as a surprise that they would change it to a situation where everyone isn’t completely naked, but from my point of view, I felt way more offended with people in their underwear rather than having them simply in the nude. There was nothing sexual involved here at the end of the day.

Psycho-Pass 2 underwear models

Away from meta-discussion about the episode and let’s go to the story. I am very pleased with the development around Kamui, he was already an interesting character, but now he suddenly looks much more philosophical and intelligent than he did previously. The man is questioning the moral and therefore the hue colour of the society he lives in. The society who judge them, Sybil. Kamui is questioning the morals of Sybil, he is questioning what kind of moral, what kind of person is deciding who should live and who should die. While he is constantly reminded of his Hue, constantly reminded of his worth in this society, he wonders just what kind of worth and values the system judging everyone has. Considering what we do know about Sybil from the first season, he has some pretty legitimate concern. After all Sybil is pretty much made up entirely of sociopath and people who didn’t fit in the norm. I don’t believe the Sybil system is actually interesting in its own psychological state.

Psycho-Pass 2 inspector going down

One person who should take a look at hers though is Akane. That girl might have a very solid hue, but I’m sure she has a limit somewhere too. She is building an obsession for Kamui and as we learned already, obsession about a killer isn’t something that keeps your hue so clear. She has purpose and a strong sense of justice, but the way she is headed she might end up with a Dominator pointed straight at her. I’m interested to see how she will hold up knowing that an inspector was killed along dozens of innocents. So many questions, I want to see the core of Sybil once again, I want to see the colour of those brain.

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