Psycho-Pass 2 episode 5: The Game is On

Psycho-Pass 2 in chaos

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The game is on between Kamui and the MWPSB, quite literally even. Kamui seem to be much more talented than we could have first anticipated. The man can use technology very efficiently, creating perfect holograms, control drones using commercial game software and making prosthetic potent enough to mask someone else as a perfect replica of a public speaker. If it were not enough, Kamui is so good at helping others and pharmaceutical that he can make anyone’s hue become clear AND every loves him to boot. The guy is some sort of god, it is difficult to think someone so talented could exist.

Psycho-Pass 2 Kamui the perfect guy

Now he might seem like a god, but this episode he did something I found rather…cruel. In the past there were always a lot of deaths associated with Kamui’s action, but they were never directly his fault. Either it was one of the person he helped that went over the line, or simply the MWPSB who killed people, he himself never let death be an unavoidable outcome…so far. This episode he created a game that was made to kill anyone, inspector and civil alike. With his game, it was certain to bring chaos and death even to the innocent. So far I thought Kamui was a revolutionary, but one who took human lives as something to be cherished and protected. Obviously I was wrong about his character, he was extremely cocky this episode, killing everyone around him while still being at the very center of the killing. I understand that Kamui programmed the game and most likely made it so he wouldn’t appear as a target and therefore he won’t get shot, but it is still tempting the devil to be standing right next to a robot shooting a machine gun in your general direction. If an incompetent player had found him he could have easily been shot simply because the player would have missed his target.

Psycho-Pass 2 video game time

Kamui turns out to be much more resourceful, but also much more evil than I anticipated. He sent a messenger in disguise inside the MWPSB, and with the impossible grin of that man, I cannot expect anything good can come out of this. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he was a suicide bomber at this point. This thought really scares me though since I love Saiga-sensei and I would hate it if the character was to die. I hope the messenger really came to deliver a verbal message…and not a more violent one.

Psycho-Pass 2 Saiga

Last thing I want to discuss is the discover made by Shimotsuki Mika. While it was not explicitly said, it seemed she was investigating the personal belonging of Enforcer Togane. If it is indeed the case, I would said there is some serious thing going on between Akane and Togane. Togane is a real stalker is, it is pretty obvious he’s built an obsession for Akane. We know the guy used to be a really good psychotherapists, so maybe he got really curious as to how Akane does to deal with all those crimes and still keep a clear hue. Or maybe he has some worse motive towards her, but so far I’d still put my money on the professional obsession over anything else. I,m sure this will prove to be a secondary plot point this season and we will find out the answer to this question in just a few episodes.

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