Psycho-Pass 2 episode 6: We’ll have some staff problem soon enough

Psycho-Pass 2 Robot attack

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Cannot wait to get the debriefing after this episode. There sure are a lot of clues and many revelation that have come to light after all this mess. I think Akane will need to have some serious talk with the chief after today’s event. I understand their relationship to be a  rather precarious one, but Sybil might need an inside agent pretty soon if they plan on fighting Kamui. Despite Kamui’s revolutionary intentions, Akane seem to still side with Sybil (for what ever reason) and as far as I’m aware, there really aren’t that many inspector left. I don’t believe an organization as big as the MWPSB can survive with only their main investigation group available. If things continue like this, unless Sybil makes extreme decisions, the Sybil system will indeed start crumbling. They are up against a ghost, undetectable by their systems, this ghost now even has access to their own devices that can tell who is good or naughty. The Sybil system looks fucked.

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Before I go a bit more into the supreme incoming failure of the Sybil System, I just want to note how I would have maybe done things a bit more differently regarding the attack using commercial software. Once you have figured out that anyone can take control of a single robot by playing the game, the first thing I would have thought to do is to try to log in as many proxy bots into the game as possible. If you can control a large amount of robot, not only could you possibly use those to help on the field, but at the very least controlling them means there would be that many less threat around. It is not unheard of or extraordinary in any mean to have hundreds of such bots at your disposal, they could have possibly save a lot of lives that way.

Back to the weaknesses of Sybil now. As I previously mentioned, I don’t think the MWPSB has that many more inspectors left.  We’ve had a handful die already and they are an organization that is generally understaffed to begin with. If things keeps up like this, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Akane’s Team was the last one up. She might be called a lunatic and crazy, fact is, she is still alive. I don’t believe Sybil has enough “real” presence to be able to deal with the current situation, I have a feeling that in the next few episodes, we will either find out some more obscure security measures of Sybil, or Sybil will have to make some change to the way it operates. I would be the kind of person to give Akane authority on the matter and have her own judgement affect her gun, but that sound like a bit too intelligent for the way Sybil usually see things.

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Last but not least, it might have took 6 episodes, but we finally got our answer as to why Togane has such an interest for Akane. He is someone who loves to see people fall into despair, someone who does not understand justice and instead want to open the mind of those around him. He loves to corrupt, he loves to observe the psyche of a patient who’s slowly losing it’s mind and understand what it takes to do so. I love him even more now.

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