Psycho-Pass 2 episode 7: Kamui’s Gospel

Psycho-Pass 2 suicide for Kamui

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Well well, it seems we have quite the situation over here, we suddenly learn a lot more about Kamui and even more about his Gospel. It turns out the MWPSB is fighting much more than a ghost, but rather the collective spirit of a 185 children who died long ago. While Kirito Kamui is the sole survivor of that crash (allegedly anyway) there now seems to be an army of very skilled people working with a similar mindset than he has. It is still rather unclear what it is about, but without doubt, it is a revolution, a call for a new order.

Psycho-Pass 2 follow the gospel

In the end, Kamui wasn’t the super genius everyone might have thought. Kamui might have been anyone and everyone of those disciples. For all we know, the real Kamui could actually be dead, with other people impersonating him instead, a real ghost. Kamui wasn’t an holo expert, he wasn’t a drug and chemical genius, he was not a surgeon capable of transplanting body part…Kamui was a prophet. Maybe he shared one of those skill, but it is most likely it was someone else that acted as Kamui and used their skill. Kamui now becomes everyone and no one. A legion of ghost.

As a quick thought and side note to explain what is going on here, why is Kamui undetectable and dead? Well, I know another being which is undetectable, it is the Chief. What if Kamui was in fact, just a robot with a conscience? We are still missing lot of proof to come to that conclusion, but it is an interesting thought.

Psycho-Pass 2 interested

Here is where things get really exciting, at least to me. Akane had a short conversation with Sybil and I must say it was surprising enlightening as to the whole background and reason for both Kamui’s and Sybil’s action. Why would Sybil not act upon Kamui? Why does it accepts everyone under that doctrine as having an acceptable psycho-pass, yet they are so subversive and disruptive to the Sybil government. How can people go around killing others while still being accepted by the system? Is it a flaw? Is it a trick? Now here is what I gathered from all this. Sybil is mainly constituted of sociopath, intelligent people who acts rationally and creates an healthy moral from their cumulative experience and joint thoughts. Why is Sybil not rejecting Kamui? Because he is not actually rejecting any of the moral established by Sybil. Kamui is a very moral doctrine, one which seem quite similar to what Akane believes in. What if Kamui’s doctrine, was in fact even better (on paper at least) to Sybil? What if it was an improvement on the system? Not a change to the system, not a new perspective, what if it was the same perspective, but better. What if adding Kamui wouldn’t help Sybil grow in any way, what if Kamui was “better” because of something Sybil cannot take advantage of in its form. What if the revolution Kamui is bringing forth is actually more righteous than Sybil can even be?

Psycho-Pass 2 Sybil

I believe the revolution, the gospel of Kamui, might have a much bigger influence than we are led to believe. I believe Sybil might be able to understand just fine what is going on, I think it simply cannot take sides. I think Sybil knows that believes both their approach and Kamui’s are just. Therefore, Kamui is fighting a system which isn’t fighting back. the inspectors are doing the right thing, Kamui is doing the right thing. There is no side to take, so the suspect will just let things go and observe what happens. This ought to be interesting.

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