Psycho-Pass 2 episode 8: Togane Familly, The Mind behind Sybil

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Well it looks like I was wrong about my assumptions last episode. Kamui isn’t a robot, but he is in fact a biological patchwork. Made of the many bits and pieces of the 184 children who died in the plane crash. At this point, it is difficult to call Kamui a survivor, what is a person when it is combined and replaced with so many parts that less than a fragment of the “human” left is part of the original? We are not talking about Kamui receiving some biological transplant like a new heart or a new hand. The guy is made of 185 children and his own brain is 8 human brains fused together. How much of yourself can you change before you are no longer yourself? If the answer to that question is ambiguous, I don’t believe Kamui is even close to the minimum amount of change required to become someone else…The Kamui we know is a new being. There were 185 children on that flight, 184 died in the crash and the survivor died on the operating table. The thing that came out of that operation was not the same kid who entered it. What a nightmare this is.

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Other than Kamui, we got our hands on a lot more information than I expected about Togane, his mother and the Sybil system itself. Turns out, there is still a lot we don’t know about concerning the Sybil system. First we learned that Togane’s mother is both a major creator in the system and part of it. She happens to now be the one in control of the Chief’s body. We know she had the patent involved in transferring brain by machine and into synthetic host, she is also the one who had the surgery performed on Kamui. At the end of the day, she looks to be a very major player in the Sybil system and it appears that Kamui wants revenge on the system that made him into this monster…into this ghost.

Kamui might seem filled with good intention for his revolution, but I have a feeling his new revolutionary ideas didn’t come from an open mind to change and a brilliant idea. It seems Kamui wanted to destroy Sybil before he got an idea how to do it. Now he wants to destroy the system with his gospel and the people who follows it and he is a prime target for Sybil. Sybil currently wants to get rid of Akane and Kamui, the two individuals whom are dangerous to their operation but which they can’t get rid of. Kamui is a no-brainer, the guy wants to destroy them, but it came to me as a surprise that they also wanted Akane gone now. She knows a lot, she acts outside the bound of what the system is comfortable with and yet her psycho-pass never gets affected. This might explain why the chief wants Togane to be working with Akane.

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Togane’s mother is one of sybil’s brain, she is the one who had the patent to create the Sybil system, to create the chief, for all we know, she might very well be the one who actually created sybil in its current form. Togane was made as an experiment, he corrupts people and work with the Sybil system to actively turn troublesome individual into target for enforcement. Togane has the much corrupt of job possible in this system, he is the one who turns people black. He is as close of a hitman as can exist in this new world order. The Sybil system needs to respect its own system, therefore it makes use of an individual like Togane to corrupt target and then allow for enforcement on them. It is a dirty job, while I find it to be an effective solution, I do wonder how Akane would react knowing such a truth. There sure is a lot of twist and turn ahead of us, I am expecting a lot more surprises.

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