Psycho-Pass 2 episode 9: Akane, the Dame of Steel

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There were definitively some development storywise this episode, but I feel it was still rather empty somehow. Yes we got a load of corrupted corporate executive killed, yes Akane’s grandma was targeted and killed, but at the end of the day I don’t feel we’ve learn that much more about Kamui or Sybil or maybe even Akane. The episode was entertaining, but it wasn’t as mentally stimulating as previous ones. Here are some of the interesting new information we did get this episode.

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First, as an addition to what was already established last episode, it was revealed that Tougane was created in the hope to create the first artificial asymptomatic person. It was obviously a failure though. If he did appear to be asymptomatic as a child, he is currently the one person with the highest crime coefficient in the system after all. There must have been some miscalculation on their part, but still, Tougane does fit their need pretty well as an agent of Sybil.

Now at this point in time, it seems everyone is just targeting Akane has an individual. It must suck pretty bad that both  the side you work with and the people against you are actively trying to mess with your head. It is even worse when “messing with your head” involves chopping off your grandma’s ear and then killing her in an empty cell. From my point of view, I don’t really care about that grandma, and losing her as a character really doesn’t change or do anything for me. What it does change though is Akane’s attitude and mental state, it will make things most interesting to see Akane at her worst. Will all this mental torture actually affect her Psycho-Pass in any way? Is this personal attack enough to shake her a bit? Will we ever see Akane’s hue waver? I think the worse that could happen, is for her hue not to waver at this point. Her grandmother was already killed for that purpose, if Akane isn’t affected, it means her grandmother died for no reason. At least if Akane does waver, it means her grandmother death had a purpose in some twisted way.

Psycho-Pass 2 Brainwashed

Now the question is…will Akane even see a change in her hue with all this? She has a mind made of steel she is starting to make me wonder if she is not asymptomatic herself at this point. If anything, she might be the best judge this society ever had. Kamui can’t deny her, Sybil can’t deny her, she is the great mediator in all these conflicts. She should be the new Sybil.

Like I said, not the most interesting episode to review, but it does provide a lot of opening to what will happen next now that Kamui made his move. Hopefully we’ll get even more reveals next episode.

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