Psycho-Pass episode 10: Let’s play a game

game begins

The show is really heating up every minute. I was never expecting for episode 10 to already feature so much action and to have Makishima be so exposed to Kogami already. This hunt is really entertaining and I simply love how the action and the set up sprung up out of nowhere. I was never expecting for Makishima to make his move so early. I must admit that I hope Toyohisa won’t die just yet, he is such an interesting character and he is intelligent enough to understand Makishima. Unfortunately I’m afraid he will meet his end soon enough seeing how things are going. Kogami managed to finish building his ticket to the way out and his colleagues have already arrived to  save him.


In different news, is it me or is Masaoka actually Ginoza’s father? I know that they don’t have the same family name, but their relations and their ages and the way they interact with each other really makes me think of a father – son relationship. After all, Ginoza hates Masaoka for some reasons, Masaoka always act like a father and an elder and he never hesitate to talk back to Ginoza. Yet Ginoza never actually took action against Masaoka, Tomomi also happens to protect Ginoza quite often. Just last episode Masaoka asked Akane to avoid giving Ginoza trouble for no reason. The more I think about this, the more I think this theory makes sense.

father son

On a different note , this episode something in particular caught my attention, there was a half-naked lady in the middle of my screen during most of the episode. I find it most curious that Akane’s friend was so shy about giving her bra to the inspector, if it was me my first reaction would have been one of shock. It is one thing to be seen half-naked in front of someone you barely know, but it is a whole different issue to realize that during your sleep someone changed your bra. If someone took the time to change your bra, first of all he most likely saw your breast and most of all, there is no telling what else he did to you while you were asleep. I would be absolutely scared that I’ve been raped in addition to the whole kidnapping. Maybe it is because everyone in the future is clueless and stupid, but I would be really scared if something similar happened to me.

stop your whining girl

I think the very first thing I would do if people were chasing after me with gun in a maze, is not to talk. Why does this bitch spent half her time complaining and most likely revealing her own position is beyond me. At some point I even thought that she was part of Makishima’s group because of how obnoxious and stupid she acted. Turns out that stupidity is something I cannot even begin to understand, even in anime like Psycho-Pass.

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