Psycho-Pass episode 11: Sociopath Might Ruin Your Day

yuki in distress

So…this show is absolutely awesome. I’m hardly the guy to fanboy about much, but this was simply amazing. The show is so dark it makes me extremely excited and happy about everything that happen. It is so rare to see a show present us with so much sadness. Who would have thought that Yuki would have died this episode? especially in this fashion, she was killed by Akane’s inaction.

dead snow

The build-up for her death was so intense too, Akane was successfully gaining so much time, she even had the gun to kill Makishima, she had everything going for her, yet she was never able to correctly pull the trigger. I was certain that something would happen that would make it so Yuki survives, Makishima took his sweet time to kill her. He was teasing everyone with his knife yet nothing happened for the longest time. At the very end it must have taken him a minute to get his knife from the air to Yuki’s neck, I was sure reinforcement would arrive in time to save the die. Never did I expect Yuki to have her throat cut right in front of Akane. One thing is sure, Akane won’t be the same after this happened. I would not be surprised if she had to go to therapy and maybe even get close to become a latent criminal.


The other thing that stunned me ( and most likely everyone) is how Makishima was never considered a latent criminal, not even that, the more psycho he became the saner he was. Just before he cut Yuki’s throat his crime coefficient reached 0. I can perfectly understand how that comes to happen thought, the way crime coefficient are calculated from the very start made me think that maybe a sociopath could easily get away with crime. Since everyone in their society is unable to defend themselves if something happen and that even their guns are not able to stop such a criminal, they are all defenseless against it (this makes me think so much about the fiends in Shinsekai Yori).  Now it is no wonder that Makishima was never detected and that he is basically invincible to the system, after all he is but an abiding citizen based on Sybil’s records.

crime coefficient 0

Meanwhile it does make me wonder how Toyohisa managed to be such an important figure of society without ever being detected. He did had a crime coefficient way over 300 when he was killed. Of course that coefficient must have been lower usually, but I wonder how he managed to get away with such a low crime coefficient. I wish this part would be explained, maybe it will be next episode, or maybe it will simply be up for us to guess.


In the end, this episode was absolutely amazing, the dark element were present and pleasant and it was soul crushing to see Yuki die in that manner. I hope this show continue to keep me entertain just the way it does now, it is by far one the greatest show I’ve seen this year.

ZeroGhj signing off

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