Psycho-Pass episode 12: Yayoi’s Past

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This episode of Psycho-Pass was really interesting. We never got to know much about Yayoi and therefore this is the first time she had any real presence in the show, before she was just as used as a passerby. This episode she really was the whole center of attention, it was surprisingly insightful and interesting to learn about her past, what she did before, how she became a latent criminal and how she later became a watch dog. I seems that not every latent criminal really have a reason to be one, Yayoi never really showed any sign of being insane in any ways, on the contrary she might be the most level-headed enforcer there is at the MWPSB.

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I was really amazed to see how the “rehabilitation center” of Psycho-Pass worked, they feel a lot more like prison than any rehabilitation center I know and it doesn’t seem like they are even trying to help the people over there to get out. Yayoi only wanted to play some music and did her best to be rehabilitated but it seemed for some reason the Sybil system simply never wanted for her to return to the real world, she was “corrupted”. Not only that, there were people hitting their head on the walls until they were painted all red, this is really not such an awesome and safe facility.

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I must admit that I am still a little confused about Yayoi and how she really is as a person, it just seems that her motivations are always emotional and spur of the moment, she is a character who is really hard to read. Even now she keeps on working as an enforcer but I somehow have trouble to figure out why she does so.


On completely different news, the 3 years flashback gave us an opportunity to meet another important character that we knew of but never met. Sasayama is a real jackass. I am not even surprised that the guy eventually died on the job, he looks like a complete psycho and he acts like he has no tomorrow. I’m really confused how someone like that manage to get a position as an enforcer, he seems more suited to kill people and cause trouble in a street gang than help the authorities. It does seems like he is willing to cooperate with the detective on the case, but he always seemed to be amused when something went horribly wrong and for him danger and killing people sounded like fun activities. I’m not really sad that he is not alive anymore, I wouldn’t have liked having him hang around as a secondary character if he is so hot-blooded.


If Sasayama was a jackass, Kogami was a real jerk. The way he works and manipulated Yayoi to get her to join was a little despicable ..but I loved it. He was being intentionally mean to her, lied to her, made her think she had power…only to have her realize she had nothing in the end. I think that one thing made me love and respect Kogami so much more.


Now to some disappointment I have. I personally absolutely loved the original intro to Psycho-Pass, it got me into it every time and I was hooked to it big time, the new intro isn’t bad by any mean, but I just feel that it simply doesn’t compare to the old one. I feel cheated !

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And that was just about the opening theme, the ending theme…oh god why. The ending theme of Psycho-Pass was one of the best last season and they had to scrap it for a piece of crap ending like the new one? That ending animation were half-terrible and the singing was endurable at best. I feel like the overall quality of the show dropped so much just because of how worse the new ending and opening are compared to the original… I want the old one back !


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