Psycho-Pass episode 13: Ginoza, I am your Father !

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Have I ever mentioned how awesome this show is? Because I absolutely believe it is one of the best I’ve seen in a long while. I love science-fiction and I love gruesome world and this is both and both done well.

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It is finally officially been said, Tomomi is Ginoza’s father. It was hinted at for a while now and while it became pretty obvious in recent episode, it still took a while for them to actually say it officially. Since it had been a while that I had already figured out that relationship, it didn’t surprised me or didn’t interest me all that much, but what did interest me a lot what Tomomi’s explanation as to why he ended up being an enforcer. It seems that Tomomi had quite the conservative nature and that the advent of the Sybil system and the Dominator really sickened him. This new world of technological marvels and complete submission to an automated system was too much for him to take in all at once and since he was resenting the system, the system resented him. This just goes to show how easy someone can get in trouble with the system and have their psycho-pass clouded. If I were to be launched into that world I have no problem believing that I would be jailed the very first time I would be scanned, if I’m not flagged to be exterminated that is.

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Meanwhile a different thing that awed me the most this episode is their technology to scan memories from the brain to reconstruct image from them. I cannot even imagine how awesome it would be to transfer your memories to a hard drive and have them kept there forever if you had to remember them at one point. It’s a version so much more advanced than simply taking note of something, you can actually relive the moment you just had. I sure can understand how this technology could help the detectives in their jobs, testimonies would be much less of a pain in the ass if you could just straight up see what everything is about.


In the end, that machine always gave us a better idea on how stable Akane really is. We never really had a concrete way to see what it meant for someone to have a strong hue. Akane had to relive her entire experience of having her friend killed in front of her eyes, while she was shocked when she first came back, she returned to her own self in just a matter of seconds. At first it was difficult to judge just how well she would recover from that trauma, I guess this really helped us understand just how fit for the job Akane is, it seems that no matter what kind of atrocities she will face she might always manage to get back on her feet and move on to solve the case. Exactly what you would hope from the main protagonist of the show!

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