Psycho-Pass episode 14: Masked Villains


Holy shit things have started for real, now we’re not even dealing with hidden crime and scene to be examined to figure out what happened. Those guys commit murder in the middle of a crowd and no one is even trying to stop them. How terrifying, I’m starting to agree with Makishima that this world is rotten. When a women is stripped naked in the middle of a street, while hundred of people are looking and she is hit repeatedly with a hammer until she dies…you know the world is wrong. There is a limit on how passive human can be before they are just dumb sheep. I’m starting to view Makishima more and more as a savior rather than a tyrant.


Those mask might not be a subtle thing, the complete opposite I’d say, but the people of that city or so retarded and trustful that they could have “Murder” written in blood on their face and they wouldn’t react to it either. They might as well walk around in full body armor with military grade assault rifles and those stupid citizen wouldn’t do anything to stop them. What I was most shocked and terrified about wasn’t even the witnesses, but it was the victim. That girl was getting hit repeatedly by a hammer and she never asked for help, never screamed and never tried to defend herself. She just let herself die, how pitiful are you as a human being when you don’t even fight for your own life, when you don’t even have the reflex and will to protect yourself from harm? How pathetic is their life if someone with a mere hammer can bash their skull in for days without them even reacting to it.


Makishima as started his main plan, the show has begun ! I have no idea what is entire plan consist of, but it is easy to understand the purpose and objective. Makishima wants to destroy the Sybil system, he wants for people to stop being mindless cheap and to awaken the human in everyone. He used thugs from the very beginning to do his dirty work, so I wasn’t surprised when he decided to get rid of the 3 guys who stole an armored car from him, but I was most surprised to see just how bad ass and strong he was in hand-to-hand combat. After all the guy looked quite wimpy at first sight and it was difficult to expect he would easily defeat those guys in a 1 versus 3 scenario.

finish him

Meanwhile it seems that Kogami is having way too much fun with the situation, if there is one person who must be glad to see Makishima’s plan going forward, it is him. It might sounds weird to say this, but after all Kogami’s whole purpose in life right now is to defeat Makishima, he lives only to find and kill him. Kogami has become an hunting dog, while he might kill his prey once he finds him, he finds the hunt most thrilling and I wouldn’t be surprised if unconsciously he loves to see how much of a genius Makishima really is.

shoot at yourself

We’ll be able to see the extend of Makishima’s genius pretty soon, I expect so much from this show now, it is by far one of the best show I’ve seen…of all time.

ZeroGhj signing off

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