Psycho-Pass episode 15: this show is a riot

honour student

Well, I was certainly not expecting the apocalypse and the fall of that civilization to happen so quickly. With the way things are heading it nearly seems like the show is already going for the final super adventure of our hero, yet we still have 7 more episodes left ! I don’t know how what is happening cannot be the final events of the show, it simply has to be with how everything is looking. Makishima is already heading for the very center of the country’s source of control and I’m pretty sure he is not just paying a visit by curiosity.


Makishima is such a genius, he might be a little bit psycho, but he has the right intention in everything he does. The more time goes by he looks more and more like a savior more than a villain. I’m starting to like him more than Kogami and Akane, the guy has knowledge and ambition and in the end it is true that I’d much rather have a society where people get killed in the street, than one where people die of boredom (literally). It seems that this ideal society of sybil wasn’t so ideal to begin with, now that the riot have begun you start realizing just how many people are unhappy with the system. How many people are flagged as having a bad hue and they will have to live locked up for the rest of their lives. The society looks this happy only because those who can be happy are the only one allowed to live in it. All the criminal and the complainers are hidden to suffer alone in their misery.


It certainly was interesting this episode to see the common citizen resort to crime. In such an innocent and peaceful society it is hard to believe that somehow those honour students were able to turn against their aggressor and kill them. Even though they had never been exposed to violence, even though it was something so alien to them, they were able to adapt and use it to protect themselves just fine. It seems that violence is something we are born with, even if they had it suppressed all their lives they still knew how to use it when the situation arises.

burned to death

Now the MWSB is not even equipped to fight against riots and they are occurring everywhere. How silly do they look with their useless gun and melee weapon to control a crowd. There is about 15 people to stop the massive riot of the city to stop, for some reason I think that they might be in a little bit of a pinch here. The damage to the city and the way of thinking of the citizen might easily be permanently changed. How can these people who were part of the riot becomes good citizen once again? It must be really difficult to accept the Sibyl system after you witness such great failure in the system that you entrust your life too. Then again, it was quite spectacular to see all those people with mask, just how many did Makishima made?

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