Psycho-Pass episode 16: Makishima and Kogami Face to Face

final fist fight

Mind = Blown. I have nothing to had to describes how perfectly and honestly awed and surprised I am. I mean, I don’t even know where to start…this episode was simply amazing…this show is amazing. I knew that the chief knew more than what the rest wanted to believe, I knew she was in on the whole thing… but I never expected her to be a robot, nor did I expect her to change the Dominator to lethal mode to kill any and all witness. How tragic, dramatic and inconceivable that another enforcer dies on this case after Kogami sent him somewhere. Kagari had no reason to die there, he had a tough run but he managed to make it to the end and he would have undoubtedly killed Kagari in the end. Both now he knew too much. I have no idea what Sybil really is, no idea how terrible and awesome it is, but while I never wondered before, always assumed it was just one huge super computer…now I want to know. I want to know what was behind all this brightest, I want to know what this show is all about, what Sybil is all about. The truth looks so far-fetched and twisted that even latent criminal had trouble believing their eyes…I want to know !

sybil secret revealed

We finally had the same scene from the beginning of episode one. I cannot understand how this show can possibly run for more than only a few more episodes right now, there is 6 episodes left and yet everything feels like it ended. Makishima was captured, no more threat exist to their organization…but now, now something is wrong with the whole system itself. We always knew it was the case, we are not surprised to learn that the Sybil system is kind of immoral and messed up, but maybe we never had a clue as to how messed up it really was.


While it felt for an instant that everything came to an end, it also looks like nothing had really begun just yet. We are now ready to assist to a renewal of Psycho-Pass, this won’t be about serial killers anymore, not about twisted crimes, but about the Sybil system and what lies behind it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Akane, Kogami and Makishima started working together in the next few episode. Makishima and Kogami were made to be together, they are meant for each other. Makishima always had the vision and development to be at the center of this show anyway, I want him to become the leader of a new revolution that this time we will join instead of stop.

man battle

Another must stunning thing to see this episode was the incredible strength and determination of Akane. She was by far the one who was the most hurt by Makishima, she was insulted by him and yet she managed to keep her cool and do the right thing. Her sense of justice is beyond what I would expect of any human being and yet the show made a good job to show us just how tempted she was to kill Makishima like Kogami wanted. It is because of her inner struggle that I was able to really get to fall in love with her. I want our three hero to ride together to expose the secret of Sybil to us! I WANT TO KNOW !!


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