Psycho-Pass episode 17: Sybil System

sybil system

Finally the answers, so many answer at once I feel graced by a great gift of knowledge. There is no telling and incredible it is to finally know everything we wanted to know about Psycho-Pass. So many plot point were explained this episode, so many things were said that I can barely restrain my self from exploding because of all this new information.


We now know what the Sybil system really is, how it works, what it involves and how it was made possible to begin with. A system where the most intricate personalities and unique individuals are put together to become a unique center of absolute knowledge. This is some kind of twisted egoistic version of a collective consciousness society. It reminds me of the council that operated in Ergo Proxy, in fact, the more the story progresses the more this show create great link and resemblance to ergo proxy in term of content (but both shows are still completely different in term of story telling). 247 brains, with 200 connected at any given time, are responsible for the Sybil system. They are watching you, constantly judging you, your appearance and your intentions. The eye of Sybil really is a complex Big Brother in the end, while everyone was promise that the system was simply a machine calculating and making decisions, in fact it is the ego and perception of hundreds of particularly crazy individuals who are judging you and deciding your life for you.


I perfectly understand why for the story Makishima simply had to refuse joining the system and instead he will thrive to fight it, but while most people might call me crazy for it, I personally love the Sybil system even more now that I know how it works. A collective of mind of the brightest and most unique people. How do we judge people right now? We take some random citizen and ask them to decide if the person in front of them is guilty or not. Well the Sybil system simply improve dramatically this procedure. Now everyone is judged constantly, not only after a crime, and it is not only a handful of citizen picked randomly that are the judge, it is 247 of the brightest collective of mind that their society ever had. Because every single brain brought a different personality and because their intellect was most likely all through the roof, the Sybil system is able to judge better than anyone else, because it combines the values, perception and morals of so many different individual that they must represent the mass even better than the mass could represent itself.

end of riot

Now the story will definitively heat up from here, Makishima is on the loose, the chief is out of commission and the city is certain to enter into pure chaos once again. The one thing that really confused me this episode was how the chief told everyone that Kagari was on the loose to give them trouble, after all why would she tell them to find him if she knows he’s dead? Why would she makes sure that they go near Sybil’s core to investigate when on the contrary she doesn’t want anyone to get close to it? I’m not really sure what Sybil was planing to do with the inspectors but if there is one thing that is certain it is that it couldn’t have been anything good.


In the next few episode I’m sure that the world will turn to hell and I wouldn’t be surprised  if , as I previously predicted, Makishima and Kogami started working together in the near future.

ZeroGhj signing off

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